Monday, 31 May 2010

Butterfly Report

Report. R.Lane. 31st May 2010

"Managed to do a spot of recording this morning, despite the high
cloud and weak sun. Not a lot to shout about near home :
Holmbush,SE(SX0452): 4 x GVWhites and 6+, Sp.Woods.
Holmbush,NW:(SX0353): 1 x Lg.White and 2 x Sp.Woods. Big deal, so I
drove off to Treskilling Down(SX0357), where I found the following
before it clouded over:

2nd for site ever?)

10+, GVWhites;

1 x Orange-Tip;

for site, 2010)

1 x Sm.Copper;

4 x Comm.Blues;

12+, Sm.P.B.Fritillaries;

50+ Small Heaths

25+, Sp.Yellow Mths."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Nice to see you again at Par this evening.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Report. R.Lane. 30th May 2010

"Spent a damp hour at Par after the G.Prix today and found the latter was far more exciting ! My list for Par (Bay) was just: 1 x Dunlin; 1 x Whimbrel; 1 x Fulmar and 3 x Gannets ! On the Pond I noted that there are TWO broods of cygnets numbering 4 each (one slightly larger than the other). It was raining by then (4pm) and on my way home I decided to divert around Sea-Road, Carlyon where the road comes within 100yds of the of the cliff-top in places. To my surprise I saw the silouette of a butterfly to sea-ward, an hour into the moderate rain, I slowed and it flew across the road in front looking very bedraggled. However, it was seen to be a Painted Lady in off the cliff and flying north. I presume it left Europe under high pressure and dry weather, and was making landfall in low pressure, grey skies, cloud and rain in Britain !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well at least the Grand Prix was exciting ...but surely the Red Bull drivers and Maclaren's will be over the carpet for stupid manoeuvres from their own teams.

Osprey at Treskilling Downs.

Osprey ........Pandion haliaetus


Report. T.R.Moore. 30th May 2010

A very quiet morning only being lifted by a Great Spotted Woodpecker (photographed).

An afternoon visit to Treskilling Downs was more rewarding with Yellowhammers, Linnets, Whitethroats seen ,Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff (heard..not by me). Also a Buzzard... and what turned out to be an Osprey. I was a little slow taking a photograph and it was a good way overhead but I will put it up to show that it was indeed an Osprey. My other half was a lot faster on the trigger and got a lot better images than mine.
Also two Cuckoos flew overhead at Carglaze.

Turtle Dove

Report. M. Whittaker. 30th May 2010

"Cornwall birding reports a Turtle Dove at Snowlands Fisheries today"

Thanks for the report Mark.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pinkfooted Geese.

Report. R. Lane. 29th May 2010

"Almost nothing doing today. Spent a cloudy and windy hour at Par from c.4 to 5pm and saw only 2 x Gannets at sea and 2 x Pinkfooted Geese on Par B.Pond. Hardly worth reporting, hope you did something a little more exciting !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I am afraid to say I did not. The only thing of note was a G.S Woodpecker that came down in front of me after I wound the window up during the heavy rain.

Painted Lady.

Report. R.Lane. 28th May 2010

"Heard last evening(27th) that up to a dozen Painted Ladies had been seen along the south coast, while I was ferreting away inland ! Although I had appointments this morning (when it was sunniest), I bravely went out into cloud and wind mid-afternoon. The Gribben was only 90% cloudy but v.windy. However knowing what I was looking for I a chose the lee-ward hedge of a set-side field a few 100yards north of the Menabilly carpark. Walked 50yds along it and what should fly up and circle me but my 1st PAINTED LADY for the year ! I believe it is also the first for the patch too. Did not see another butterfly for rest of the day, but at least I got what I went for. Had to be today lest the weather breaks at the weekend. 'Though P.Ladies are masters of the wind and weather, maybe we'll get a few in the next 48hrs, come rain or shine !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
A little forward planning paid off.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Active Warblers

Report. M.Whittaker. 28th May 2010

"9am - 11am

5 Reed Warblers Singing (2 birds singing at the back were the caravans are). Also 2 non singing birds were seen at the front reeds. Not singing but very active, possibly females ?
Had a look for some butterflies in the wilderness and got 1 x Orange Tip & 1 x Green Veined White by the boardwalk and in a clearing just above the Western Carpark 1 x Common Blue. Roger informs me this is a first for Par this year."

Thanks for the report Mark.

Well done with the Butterflies. I have been trying to photograph an Orange Tip but so far they have moved about too quickly.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Green Woodpecker Yaffling away at Carloggas Downs.

Report. R.Lane. 27th May 2010.

"Went to Carloggas Downs this morning, and saw your Cuckoo at last ! Could hear it calling from a tree low down near the road and as I approached it flew down onto a fence post and continued calling! Lot of Whitethroats calling up there now, but was surprised to hear a Green W'Pecker 'yaffling' away too !
There were also two new butterflies for the patch I believe: no less than 6 x DINGY SKIPPERS and 4 x GREEN HAIRSTREAKS, the latter my first for the year, and both were new for the St.Austell Baywatch area, I believe. Amongst the Damselflies were also 2 x Broad-bodied Chasers (incl. from TreK Pit recently).
Went to an 'out-of-bounds' site where I failed to find a rare butterfly that lived there last year, but there were 6+, 4-spotted Chasers there and a dozen Beautiful Demoiselles (incl. from TresK Pit recently.
Thus was late visiting TreK. Dwns (4pm) and there were only a sparce showing of butterflies but they included the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary at the roadside, which would make an EXCELLENT photo both upper and underwing attractive, and the only site in your patch where they occur.

Thanks for the report Roger.
We have been wondering if the photograph I sent you contained four Cuckoos (two pairs) shame it was such a distance and a poor shot.

Song Thrush (Par)

Song Thrush.......Turdus philomelus

PBP Visit.

Report. T.R.Moore. 27th May 2010

Tried PBP today at 1430 hrs hoping to see the Pink-Footed Geese but I drew a blank.
The Canada Geese numbered c 70 and I counted 20x Goslings in Indian file on the water with a parent at the head and rear of them.
Nothing much else was seen. Ix Song Thrush, 7x Pied Wagtails, 1x G.B.B Gull bathing in the pool.1x Cormorant in the Bay.

A short visit to Penrice area turned up 1x G.S Woodpecker, 1x Jay , 3x Pheasants (2m 1f) 1x Robin, 2x CoalTits, 3x Great Tits plus Corvids.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Report. R.Lane. 26th May 2010

"Only 'items' I could find today were at Par B.Pond ! Not very exciting at that. Firstly there was a juvenile Herring Gull constantly worrying it's parent (?) for food. Suddenly the adult (male) jumped on the juvs' back and attempted to mate with it ! At least it stopped the youngster nagging !
Secondly, among the goose flock I spotted the 2 x Pinkfeet geese, STILL in the area thenThere were also numerous gosling broods, but I fear a high predation rate since most are newly born each day it seems.
Thirdly, was looking closely at each of the few Swallows (hoping for a Red-rumped !), when some-thing different did appear ! It turned out to be a single Dunlin, come for a fresh-water wash only yards from the car, the best hide in the business !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I do agree with you about the car hide...most birds are use to a car and do not seem to be bothered by the close proximity.

Black Kite

A Black Kite was reported over Meadow lake Sticker at 1730 hrs today.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Egyptian Goose

"My friend yesterday early morning (Danny the chap who spotted the Pochard at St.Andrews) reported to me that there were 3 x Egyptian Goose on the pool at Par."

Sent to me by Mark Whittaker.


Cuckoo...Cuculus canorus
Photographed today at Carloggas Downs.

Carloggas Downs

Report. T.R.Moore. 25th May 2010

Decided to have a look again at Carloggas Downs (1300hrs) in the hope of seeing and photographing a Raven or Cuckoo.

After stopping the car I immediately saw the Raven but it had its back to me so the resulting photograph was nothing special. After wandering around catching glimpses of Skylarks, Mipits and Greenfinches I returned to the car to eat the packed lunch I had.

After finishing I pondered where or what to do next when a pair of Cuckoos flew past me and landed on the rocks a hundred yards or more away....I dashed off a few record would not I.D them from the photographs ..and then tried to get closer. They were having none of that and off they went being mobbed by a few LBJ's.
I decided to go back and get closer to the rocks. I had got about fifteen yards away when one flew right overhead closely followed by the other who decided to land on the click and he was away and I never saw them again.

The two photographs were completely different. The one where the bird landed was out of focus but the second one when the bird was taking off was better...

Latest Squacco Heron Report.

Michelle O'Shea and a Plymouth Twicher failed to locate the Heron at 1800hrs this evening and presumed the bird may have left the site. If anyone has seen it today or later this evening I would be grateful if they can let me know.

Wood Sandpiper.

Birdguides. 8-13 am today . Wood Sandpiper reported at Par.

Birds and Butterflies

Report. R.Lane. 24th May 2010

"Got out in the afternoon when I went to Treskilling Downs. Butterflies encountered (mostly at the roadside) were as follows:
1 x Lg.White;
6 x GVWhites;
1 x Comm.Blue(1st for site, 2010)
1 x Peacock;
10+, S.P.B.Fritillaries(1st for site, 2010)
20+, Sm.Heaths
At the SW tip of the Downs was TresK Pit where various Damsel and Dragonflies were seen, and a Green Woodpecker was having a good Yaffle. There were also a small flock of hirundines (Swallow, Sand Martin, where a few still nest, and House Martins) Back on the Downs for once I had good views of White-throats and Yellow Hammers.
A quick stop south of the Luxulyan Viaduct in a paddock surrounded by trees gave: 4 x GVWhites; 3 x Orange-Tips (2 fems, egg laying on Lady Smock); also 1 x Peacock and 1 x Comma, in arial combat !
Another quick stop at Pontsmill,N at 4.30pm showed I was too late for butterflies really and all I managed were 4 x GVWhites; 1 x Orange-Tip; 1 x Red Admiral (immigrant) and 1 x COMMA (getting even later for these). But I did see my 1st Beautiful demoiselle damselfly, for Pontsmill, and also my 1st two Hornets for the year.
Then to end the day 'with a cracker' I met Trevor at Snowlands and he showed me the correct place to see the SQUACCO Heron, at last ! Many thanks Trevor, a super bird and excellent photo yesterday !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Sorry it is up late but I had trouble with the formatting and as I had to have an early start today I left it.

Glad to be of assistance (that makes a change) and really happy we connected with it to add to your Year List at least.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Treskilling Pit

Information by ...R.Lane. 24th May 2010

"Treskilling Downs and the huge fisherman's lake to the S.W. Treskilling Pit, an ancient Clay working (and pumping station?), are linked by the large Dragonfly fauna. The Damsel and Dragon-flies which use the lake later in the summer, emerge from a nymph in the lake (by climbing reed stems) and expanding their wings(much like a butterfly). However, dragon flies are insect eaters and they head for TreK Dwns to feed up to sexual maturity, only then do they return to the lake. This immature stage is called 'teneral' and is often very different to the mature insect we see over the lakes, so best only to concern ourselves with the mature insect which is the one illustrated in books(and on computers).
Today for instance, albeit a very late year for butterflies and dragonflies I managed to see the following types of Damselfly: 3 x Beautiful Demoiselles (Calopteryx virgo)
30+, Large Red Damselfies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula)
5+, Azure Damselfly (Coenagrion puella)
10+, Common Blue Damsels (Enallagma cyathigerum)
20+, Blue-tailed Damselfly (Ishnura elegans)
Also the following few Dragonflies:
4 x Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata)
1 x Broad-bodied Chaser( Libellula depressa)
Other dragonflies I have seen this year, admittedly at other sites (but are annual at TresK Pit also), are:
1 x Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator)
and 1 x Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii)
This is a fairly poor showing for late May indicating that the dragonfly season is c. 3 weeks late.
Now just forget about the LATIN NAMES, I'll try not to use them again !!! Just to show that each species has one, and they may all be found in an excellent pocket book "Field Guide to the DRAGONFLIES & DAMSELFLIES of Great Britain & Ireland" (Brooks and Lewington), along with many others.
Today's oddments to follow, hopefully, unless I fall asleep first ! Even birds mentioned !"

Thanks for that technical information class stuff. I will add Treskilling Pit to the list of Baywatch Sites as it it just down a track from Treskilling Downs.

Latest Squacco Heron Report.

The Heron was still showing well when Roger Lane and myself visited at 1730 hrs this evening.
The bird looks well within itself and my own personal opinion is it will stay around for another day or so.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

One Normal

Different Approach

A Closer View.

Squacco Heron .......Ardeola ralloides
It was my shot Steve...honest.

Out Of Bounds Butterfly Report.

General Butterfly Report R.Lane. 23rd May 2010.

Not a lot on the 3rd scorching day, c.25degsC again, if not more,
and I am exhausted, might even take tomorrow off ! 3 basic localities
visited but obviously too early for the 1st which was Respryn(SX0963) at

1 x Brimstone;

1 x Lg.White;

12+, GVWhites;

2+, Orange-Tips

And a Dipper feeding young !

Next was Bunny's Hill (SX1167), with the usual problems and few

1 x Lg.White;

10+, GVWhites;

1 x Red Admiral

12+, SPBFritillaries(all pristine, bright orange + blk.)

2+, P.B.Fritillaries(surprisingly good, more tawny?)

30+, Bloodvein Mths;

15+, Sp.Yellow Mths;

Last was Breney Common(SX0560) where I was last evening(5pm),
bit earlier today i.e. (2pm) with consequent increase in numbers:

1 x Brimstone;

2 x Lg.Whites;

30+, GVWhites;

15+, Orange-Tips;

1 x Sm.Copper;

2 x Peacocks;

2+, SPBFritillary;


12+, Sm.Heaths.

Thanks for the lists Roger.

You sure have impressive totals.

SQUACCO HERON. Historical Facts.

The historical fact sheet has been kindly sent in by DEREK JULIAN (CBWPS Chairman)..

There have been 23 Squacco Herons in Cornwall. The first was shot at Penzance in 1834. Between the first and 1907 a total of 17 birds were recorded, but none were noted between 1907 and 1981. Since 1981 there have been 6 records, (plus last nights bird).

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec undated
0 .....0.... 0..... 4.... 14..... 1..... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0...... 4

Thanks for sharing that with us Derek.

It just goes to show how rare this bird is in every four years.
If you have not seen it yet, do it now. The bird is like Microsoft, user friendly.

Great.Spotted.Woodpecker (Male|)

Photograph taken and kindly sent in by Michelle. O'Shea.
Thanks for the photograph Michelle it is a superb close up.
Next the male and female at the feeder together......

Squacco Heron again at Snowland Fisheries.

The Squacco Heron is still at Snowlands and is showing very well.

All of us who had a life tick (and those who did not) have to thank ROB DAVEY a local birder who found and identified the bird.
The information soon became available on the grapevine resulting in a Cornish twitch.

Thanks Rob for sharing it with us all.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Squacco Heron

Squacco Heron photographed by A. Tonry at Snowlands Fisheries Par

Squacco Heron Lift Off

Rare Vagrant Visits Par.

A SQUACCO HERON was seen at SNOWLAND FISHERIES PAR this afternoon and was still there when I left at 2100hrs. Thank you to Ashley Hugo who informed us of the bird. Also would the gentleman who found it step forward and take the credit due. Mark Whittaker told me you read the blog....well done to you. Of course I should have taken your name there and then...needless to say I broke a fundamental rule of reporting.
Photographs to follow.

Butterfly Reports ( Out Of Bounds ).

Reporting from out the Area. R.Lane. 21st-22nd May 2010.

"Yesterday I drove 50mls for 5 new year species, today I drove 60mls
for just 2 new species ! Can't win them all, but it sure is hot wherever
you go.

Today (Sat): 1st stop NW Goss Moor (SW9359), where I met Paul (B)
just leaving! I went on to see the following:

1 x Grizz.Skipper; 12+, Dingy Skipps; 2 x Lg.Whites; 15+,GVWhites;
5+, Orange-Tips; 1 x Holly Blue(PB); 1 x Red Admiral; 1 x Peacock and 1
x SPB.Fritillary (also seen earlier by PB). The most prolific Leps were
40+, Burnet Companion Moths !

In attempting to get to Breney Comm. from there I ended up N. of
Bodmin with an overheated engine. I eventually found the road to Breney
Comm. (from the north) was completely closed! The car overheated again
and I decided to give up and went to Cabilla Woods (SX1365), which was
fairly useless in the sweltering heat of the day 1-2pm, butterflies take
siestas over the 'noon-time' hours, hence I saw only the following:

6 x Brimstones; 2 x Lg.Whites; 12+ GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips; 2
x Sm. Coppers and 1 x Peacock. Otherwise it was 2 x Sp.Yellow Moths and
a solitary Bee-fly, my first record there, I think !

Since it was only 4pm I decided to have another try at
Breney, this time from the SE. Thus my only time there was from 4.30 to
5.30pm, a bit late for most species, even at 20degsC ! However, did
quite well for an evening hour with the following (at SX0560):

20, GVWhites; 10+, Orange-Tips; 1 x SPB.FRIT; 2 x MARSH FRITS
and 3 x SM.HEATHS ! The Marsh Frits were out late wing-drying,
basking on dry molinia grass and taking long flights at speed. probably
more in the 'day' !"

"Had not been to Perransands/Penhale
for well over 6 months until today. Totals for late May should have been
higher, but after the last winter most species are 2 to 4 weeks late.
Most were fresh looking to-day. Anyway, to get started, only 2 stops,
the 1st at Glanvilles Field,Penhale (temp. 25degsC +, total sun all
day). (Parts of SW7856 & SW7857)

15+, Dingy Skippers;

1 x Grizz. Skipper(ab.'taras')

6 x Lg.Whites

20+, G.V.Whites;

10+, Orange-Tips;

1 x S.Copper (male)

25+, Brown Argus

12+, Comm.Blues;

4 x Peacocks(overwint.)

1 x Sp.Wood;

1 x Cinnabar Moth

ZERO x Wall Brown & Sm.Heath.

The 2nd stop was Gear Sds/Penhale Sds(parts of SW7656 &

1 x Grizz.Skipper (normal)

5+, Dingy Skippers;

1 x Lg.White;

6 x G.V.Whites;

2 x Orange-Tips;

40 +, Brown Argus;

30 +, Comm.Blues;

1 x Peacock(overwint.)



10 +, Cinnabar Moths.

Nectar is in desperately short supply and majority were flying
rapidly between buttercups and whatever else was available"

Thanks for the reports Roger. Even though they were out of bounds it shows what can be seen if you have the knowledge and know where to look.
I am sure they will be of great interest to the Blogs Butterfly fans.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Mobility Problem.

Things are not starting very well for the new blog year. Yesterday my leg was very painful but today it has got worse...I can barely walk without touching a nerve or something so it looks as if I am out of action till it heals up.
Roger I know was out of bounds today so nothing as yet to report.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Auks and Divers

Report. R.Lane. 20th May 2010

"Calm sea and good light today. Decided to have one last look at the Bay before the tourists get here. Started at Porthpean, no wind, thus no fulmars. Eventually found about 10 x Fulmars up on the cliffs, sitting on eggs presumably. Offshore I could just see 2 x Gannets, but best has to be the 1 x G.N.Diver resplendent in full summer plumage. Soon be leaving now.
On to Charlestown to investigate some smaller birds I could see. Surprisingly perhaps, they turned out to be 2 x Comm. Scoter. Probably summering birds, since nesting 'up north' should be half over and the flocks of males will be returning in less than a month. And the three smaller birds turned out to be 3 x Auks, Guillemots probably (way out to sea).
Carlyon Bay cliff car-park gave sight to 2 x Fulmars; 2 x Sand.Terns and another 1 x G.N.Diver in summ.plumage.
Par Bay yielded yet another 1 x G.N.Diver in s.p.and 7 x Sand.Terns (may have included the Carlyon ones). While Par Beach showed 1 x L.Egret; 1 x Curlew (early returning bird?) and a group of 8 interesting small waders, unfortunately seen only in flight, at a distance, (toward Spit Beach!). However, from a few prominent wing-bars, some or all may have been Sanderling, it's about time !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Looks as if you had an interesting day...more than I can say for myself.
During the week I have a small window to get out and about..1000hrs-1215hrs and the afternoon 1400hrs 1615hrs and as you can see that is not ideal with the new parking charges at Par.
I did call in this evening and would say it was excellent if I was looking for Rabbits who were here ,there and everywhere. Nothing at all to report..the sea was misty out towards Spit and although calm I could not pick out anything unusual.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Rain Stopped Play.

I planned to visit Treskilling Downs for the first time this morning hoping to see the Yellowhammers, Whitethroats and Butterflies . One look at the grey sky, mist and rain convinced me otherwise. I stayed at home and did a garden watch instead. Luckily I saw our Goldcrest that has been missing since April 27th.
Most of the garden birds have been disappearing for periods of up to a fortnight...the Coal Tit was one of them but today it was very active. Male and female Bullfinches are still with us. The Greenfinches and Goldfinches have slightly increased in numbers....but not like the Starlings that come in force with the youngster in tow. Three Collared Doves were also recorded today which was very pleasing as we lost them for six months or more.
The only other thing worth recording was the G.S.Woodpecker in the Penrice area.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Baywatch is One Year Old Today.

First I must say a big thank you to all the readers of the blog over the past year. I hope you will continue to support it over the next one.

A lot of the success of the blog is due to the people who have kindly sent in reports, news, photographs and of course comments during the past year.

The major contributor and stalwart of the blog who has religiously sent in articles throughout the whole year .including the bad winter months when most of us have been sat in the warmth of the fireside chair .is of course Roger Lane.

I have met Roger on numerous occasions over the past twelve months and they are generally equivalent to ships passing in the night. Although we both have a love of Formula One Racing it is very difficult for me to talk to Roger so I take the view …leave the man in peace. From his reports and emails I have learnt a great deal not only about bird behaviour and Identification but more obscure things that only someone with a vast knowledge of the locality gained by many years of watching and research could hope to achieve. I remember Roger telling me he has watched the patch on a daily basis for close on thirty years and has records to fall back on if his memory fails him…..which if what Angie tells me is correct is not very often.
The Blog owes a huge debt to Roger who has continued to stick with us through thick and thin…and who often provides snippets of information that only someone who is attuned to nature would observe or know about. Someone mentioned once that Roger is a Nature Historian and an expert in his own fields ….Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies.
I am very lucky to have a man of Roger’s expertise sending in reports and for that I am eternally grateful.

Derek Julian (CBWPS Chairman) has sent in the occasional report when venturing forth on one of his *out of bounds* trips. I have been fortunate enough to go out birding with Derek on a few occasions and can state with quasi certitude..'If Derek does not see or hear it…it is not there’. My 2010 year list stands at an impressive 150 (well for me anyway) which is mainly thanks to Derek .

As most of you will be aware of, my hearing is limited,,,no that is not entirely true, it is useless and the last bird I heard was a Woodpigeon during my days as a Scout which was in a different century at the tender age of fifteen.
Angela Tonry has provided the vital audible observations on our Baywatch trips and also when we venture forth out of bounds as well as supplying reports and photographs.

It was never bought home to me more clearly how limited my birding skills were when I happened across Mark Whittaker (Falconer & Owl Welfare Officer) who invited me to look for the Warblers in the Reed Beds at Par Pool..
Within a forty-five minute time frame we had recorded and seen Cetti’s Warbler (3 sightings) Reed Warblers and Sedge Warblers. Mark was indicating where the birds were singing and at one stage he counted eight singing birds. Now I have visited the same place again on three occasions and experienced two blanks and one with a lone Sedge Warbler rising out of the distant reeds and dropping down again just as quickly.

Michelle O‘Shea (FOPB) has sent in photographs and nuggets of information in the past and I hope will continue to do so in the future.
She recently drew my attention to the most unfortunate demise of a Mute Swan in tragic and appalling circumstances. For once I did not report it on the Blog because I did not want to encourage any form of ghoulish behaviour.. Unfortunately this is the second death this year of a Mute Swan at Par Beach Pool..

Over the year reports and observations have been sent in by Geoff Barter (a local lad now living in Surrey)
John Rance (who I have never met) Ian Prophet (an experienced local birder) Terry Hall and the others already mentioned.

Photographs , Reports and Observations

Angela Tonry (CBWPS Membership secretary) My co-pilot.

Nigel Climpson (CBWPS Website administrator ) local photographer who can be seen wandering around the Baywatch sites.

Michelle O’Shea (FOPB)

Mark Whittaker

Terry Hall.

Peter Henderson.

A special thanks goes to Sarah from St Austell Voice who gave the blog a timely boost in the paper.

I must apologise in advance to anyone who I have inadvertently omitted.

The fundamental principles of the blog will always remain the same. To share the observations and reports of Bird and Wildlife from the Baywatch sites . The original idea of reporting Flora and Fauna has now been dropped as it is out of the scope of the blog as it stands now due to insufficient knowledge on my behalf . The disciplines the Blog will now closely follow will be ..

Birds, Butterflies and Dragonflies.

Naturally any rare plant etc that comes to my knowledge or is reported will be put up on the Blog.
People who are really interested in the Flora and Fauna side of Par would be better catered for by the FOB group who cover a wider range of subjects than I can give time to.

This Blog has the same interest of promoting the Natural History of Par ...and in my case surrounding sites.... as the *Friends OF Par Beach * group. Take a look ..I am sure you will be most welcomed.

As we are all aware of .family commitments can and often do interfere with our bird watching life.
None of us can completely devote our lives to bird watching . Therefore those of us who do report on a regular basis cannot hope to cover all the St Austell Baywatch sites, so if any new reader or anyone for that matter would like to send in any news. report or photograph please feel free to do so . The only thing I ask is that you give me permission to print it on the blog..

A lot of information off the blog could be used in the forth coming Bird Atlas 2007-2011 a comprehensive guide which has taken years to complete and will be hopefully published in the very near future.

Now I intend to take a little ‘poetic license’ and extend the boundaries somewhat of the St Austell Baywatch Sites.
I shall welcome reports etc from the new site of Treskilling Downs. The Luxulyan Valley area also includes Pontsmill and the Treffry Viaduct.

Finally. A big .thank you for your support over the past year and I sincerely hope you all will continue into the present one..

Have a good birding year.

Trevor Richard Moore (The Watcher)

Blue Tailed Damselflies.

Report. R.Lane. Tuesday 18th May 2010

" What a strange, warm but sunless day, job to find anything much, especially birds. Just list what there was I guess, all within the vicinity of H'bush; P'mill or Par, but pretty low totals (butterflies mainly):-
1 x Brimstone; 4 x Lg.Whites; 6+,Sm.Whites; 30+,GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips; 1 x Holly Blue; 3 x Peacocks; 1 x Comma and 1 x SM.TORTOISESHELL (quite late overwintered brood, at Par W).
Other items: now 10+, Early Purple Orchids (at site of 6 previously); bluebell was 2ft 3ins now 2ft 9ins struggling to reach light above a 40ft pine tree ! Few birds except Par, 1 x male Reed Bunting ; 5 x Whimbrel over.
Only new item was 6+, Blue Tailed Damselflies, at Par Beach Pool, apparently emerged today ."

Thanks for the report Roger

Monday, 17 May 2010

Small Heath Butterfly

Report. R. Lane. Monday 17th May 2010

"Not much time and not much of interest, unless you like butterflies, but an appointment this morning meant I could not get out until afternoon. Drove in and around the confines of the area, but the only new Butterfly, 1 x SM.HEATH, came from Treskilling Downs (in 1Km.Sq SX0357), which I'm not sure is within the area (but closer than Caerloggas). Birds included Yell.Hammers and dozens of Whitethroats.
Otherwise it was various records from about 10 sites, here and there ! Hence I'll only put daily Grand Totals for species: 1 x Brimstone; 6 x LG.Whites; 2 x Sm.Whites; 6 x GVWhites; 4 x Orange-Tips;
1 x Holly Blue; 2 x Peacocks; 5 x Commas; 5 x Sp.Woods and 1 x SM.HEATH (+ a Speckled Yellow Mth)
2 x Jays were seen in the wilderness at Par, and may be nesting there. Only other 'sundries' were: 2 x Lg.Red Damselflies and a sun-basking C.Lizard (NOT at Par)."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I will put it on the list..maybe we are branching out hehe. The birds look interesting ..maybe I will have a look real soon.

Imery's China Clay Workings at Par.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pontsmill and Par.

Report.A.Tonry.Sunday 16th May 2010

"Well, as you know I took my Mum out for a wander today. We had a short walk (limp) at Pontsmill. Made it as far as the old mine chimney. I studied the walls hoping to see a Moth or two lurking in the crevices, but no joy, although there were one or two very tiny Moths in flight, but I have no idea what they were. On the walk I recorded: Jay x 1, Magpie x 2, Wren x 2 and numerous singing around the woods, Robin x 2, Blue Tit x 2, Chiffchaff x 2, Chaffinch x 3, Great Tit x 1, Coal Tit x 1, Blackbird x 2, Swallow x 4, and BUTTERFLIES: Green Veined White x 2, Brimstone x 1. Other birds heard, but not seen. The Old Peacock was strutting his stuff in the enclosure. A quick visit to Par Beach Pool where I saw Heron x 2 fly over; one landed on the pool, but the other continued in flight. I heard Sedge and Reed Warblers. There was a holidaymaker with a huge German Shepherd who thought it quite acceptable and even entertaining to throw a stick at the gulls and watch the dog chase it. All the other birds were keeping well clear of the shoreline. My blood was at boiling point when Roger arrived. With Roger this evening from the top car park I was not recording everything I was seeing, as I was enjoying Roger’s tales about “the good old days”, so this is as accurate as my memory will allow: Mallard x 4 in flight, Sandwich Tern x 4, Gannet x 8, Cormorant x 2, Oystercatcher x 2, Great Black Backed Gull x 2, Lesser Black Backed Gull x 2, Linnet x 2, Chaffinch x 2, Greenfinch x 2 (more heard), Robin x 1, Chiffchaff x 1 (heard), Kittiwake x 1 (flying East beyond Gribbin Head - if I ID’d it correctly!) and just after Roger left, Whimbrel x 7 in flight over Par Docks heading N/W."

Thanks for the report Angie.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Par Still Sleeps.

Report R.Lane. Saturday 15th May 2010

"Still struggling along with 'replacement' computer. When I say 'virtually nothing' that's except for a load of butterflies, but nothing new and not very different from last lot ! 50+ butterflies of 10 species, the best being a delicate little Holly Blue, at Pontsmill, and also a very worn (overwintered) Sm.Tortoiseshell there. A few Early Purple Orchids at Par, but not a bird in sight ('cept Buzzards!). "

Thanks for the report Roger.

Lizard Visit.

No report from me today.
I went down the Lizard for the CBWPS annual general meeting. Met a few new and interesting people and put a face to a couple of names. Prior to the meeting I had an excellent Crab Salad lunch at Lizard Point which I thoroughly enjoyed and to cap it off I saw a duo of Chough's flying close by and a Whitethroat perched on a bush.
A rather satisfying day out at Britain most southerly point.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Great Spotted Woodpecker......Dendrocopus major

Red Legged Partridge.

Report. T.R.Moore. Thurday 13th May 2010.

Decided on an evening visit to PBP 1830hrs. After parking up and scanning the Pool the best I came up with was 2x Cygnets, 6x Moorhen Chicks and 10x Whimbrel over the Pool.
The Bay with the tide right in held nothing only Herring Gulls and 1x Cormorant plus 2x Linnets over.

Off to Menabilly Barton. Just past the Lodge in the adjacent field were 2x Red Legged Partridge plus 1x Black Pheasant on the return trip. Nothing at all was seen in the car park during the shortish spell I was there.

Butterfly Day.

Report. R.Lane. Thursday 13th May 2010.

"Slightly more sun, but cold with it. Fraid it was thus a butterfly day. Morning was spent at Holmbush and Pontsmill, nothing new but herewith total for 3 localities (incl. those mentioned): 3 x Brimstones; 1 x Lg.White; 4 x Sm.Whites; 5 x GVWhites;2 x Orange-Tips; 1 x Comma and 1 x Sp. Wood. Birds at Pontsmill included: 1 x Dipper (nesting?); Grey Wags (bred?); 4 x Ravens (some young?); a flock of c.100 Swifts passed north, followed by a flock of 50+, House Martins.. Flowers: dandelion clump c. 1ft 9ins tall (in old money).
Afternoon at Par: 1 x Lg.White; 4 x GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips (1 fem.); 2 x Peacocks; 1 x Comma and 2 x Sp.Wood. Also a Comm. Lizard and a single, English Bluebell c. 2ft 3ins tall !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Things are still very quiet at the moment.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dipper at Pontsmill

Report. R.Lane. Wednesday 12th May 2010

"Just a quickie tonight, in contrast to a slow wet day! Tried Pontsmill and saw the Dipper, also flock of 100+ Hirundines feeding in the valley, 90% House Martins I think (no swifts). At Par just 3 x Sand.Terns !
From Carlyon Bay cliff car-park: 5 x G.N.Divers only, and at Charlestown: 1 x Whimbrel; 3 x Sand. Terns (same as Par?); 4 x Gannets and 2 x G.N.Divers. Not a happy bunny !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

No Divers this evening sighted at Porthpean even though it was a calm sea.

Still Quiet.

Report. T.R.Moore . Wednesday 12th May 2010

A short visit to PBB and Menabilly Barton 1300hrs produced nothing of note.
15x Feral Pigeons feeding close to the Indian Restaurant. 2 x Cormorants out on the rocks in the Bay.
Nothing at all at Menabilly.

A very short visit to Porthpean 1730 hrs yielded up :-
4x Cormorants together flying Eastwards towards Pentewan.
2x Whimbrels on the Beach
2x Gannets
1x Rock Pipit on the shoreline rocks.
plus Fulmars and Herring Gulls.

No Divers were seen today.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Baywatch Divers

Report. R. Lane . Monday 11th May 2010

"Not a good day, thanks mainly to the weather, where were the sunny periods? Actually went to Par this morning to catch the low tide, but like you yesterday - not a noteworthy bird ! Home for lunch, and heavy rain, out about 3pm in the rain, so off to the Sewerage Works. Sure enough 200+ Martins and Swallows but not a single Swift (that I could see). Proportions were about 120+, H.Martins; 20+, Sd.Martins and 60+ Swallows.
Rain stopped about 4pm, so down to Porthpean were more Divers appeared with the clearing sea-mist. At least 8 x GNDivers; ZERO x BTDivers; 20+, Fulmars and 6+, Gannets. On to Charlestown where I added a single GNDiver, making a total of 9 for the western half of the Bay. Then it was time for tea ! Hope you did better. Like to have gone over to Par in evening sunshine, but petrol costs !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

I did go out again early morning and like you saw nothing of note. Did not see the Garden Warblers at Menabilly and I did try twice.
This evening we went to Walmsley Sanctuary to see the American vagrant..Lesser Yellowlegs which we duly spotted. Also to complete the evening and two life ticks for me were the two Hobby's perched in a tree a fair distance away but clearly seen through the scope...Angie also saw a Little Ringed Plover that I missed or it would have been three.

Carloggas Downs

Report. M. Whittaker. Monday 11th May 2010.

"Visited Carloggas Downs on the way back from work this evening and recorded the following.

12 x Linnet
3 x Skylark
2 x Meadow Pipit
3 x Stonechat (1m & 2f)
1 x Green Woodpecker sat in a field directly below the larger car park area where the "plaque" stone is. Flew off then started to yaffle.

No sign of any Cuckoo"

Thanks for the report Mark. Looks like a worthwhile visit.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Garden Warbler

"Not so much a report as a sighting. Could find nothing of significance anywhere. Eventually ended up at the Menabilly car-park, where at least the 'scope showed 5 or 6 Gannets passing the Gribben in an easterly direction. Then I noticed a tired looking small bird resting up in a bush only 10ft from the car watching me ! Very non-descipt and unexciting, eliminated most all of the possiblities, and it left me with my first GARDEN WARBLER seen this year (one probable heard at Pontsmill). To my surprise it was joined by another before I left, and there were other (unidentified) birds in the same thick hedge! Only claiming two !
Have found this with the Gribben before, it's all or nothing. At Gribben Head I've had up to 3 male Pied Flcatchers, and another time 4 x Whinchats at Polridmouth. Must coincide with an influx of migrants.
But today could only manage the 2 x Garden Warblers !"

Report. R.Lane Monday 10th May 2010

Thanks for the report Roger.

I had a dismal morning at Par 1000hrs. I walked out to the rocks exposed by the low tide and never saw a single Wader, Pipit or Wagtail and it was hard going sinking four inches into the mud every step.
At the Par River was a lone Heron at the far end down stream by the bridge. The Bullfinch I stalked in the Wilderness proved to be a Robin Doh!
Next I sat down in the chair in the Reed Beds and after seeing only a brief glimpse of a bird shooting straight up and then down again some way away which I guess was a Sedge Warbler I gave up after thirty minutes of not seeing a sight of another bird.....I left wondering if they were singing or was I just wasting my time.
A brief spell at St Andrews was another man made disaster. I had just got to the Cafe when I noticed my lights were flashing...I rushed back thinking my alarm was going off (have done this in the past) and after a few minutes realised it was my hazard warning lights... I must have knocked it on as I left the car. I was so happy I went home.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Great Black Backed Gull

Photograph A Tonry.


Dunlin Photographs. A Tonry

Cold Day at Par.

"As you know, I went to Par today on my own. Grand Prix/Bird Watching – NO competition! I started at PBP. The Dunlin was there (photos attached). There was a Heron in the tree on the far right hand side. The Cygnets and Goslings were all still there. Amongst the Gulls was a young Great Black Backed Gull (Roger confirmed later on that it was a 2nd summer) (photo attached). There were Swallows x 5, Swifts x 4 and House Martin x 1. I heard Sedge and Reed Warblers. I can’t recall locating a Cetti’s in all the noise! Passing through the sedge/dunes there was a surprising number of insects, given how cold and windy it was. I went onto the beach and sat on a dune (roughly in the middle). With the scope as low as it would go I still had to kneel to reach it, so I dug holes in the sand and buried the feet so they will need cleaning out!!! I saw: Great Northern Divers x 6, Black Throated Divers x 5 (BTD’s mixing with the GN’s). I discussed this with Roger later on and he said that the BTD’s had probably not wintered here, but would be passing through en route to their breeding grounds. Because they are very sociable they would locate GN’s who would just ignore them and get on with their business, as they are not sociable! I could listen to Roger all day. I located the 3 Ringed Plover on the shoreline. They were flushed a few times by dogs and just before you and Roger arrived I saw them heading over to Spit. There were Pied Wagtails x 3, Shag x 2, Buzzard x 1, Sandwich Tern x 12, Whimbrel x 8, but they left as soon as they arrived, Cormorant x 4, Gannet x 8, Oystercatcher x 8, Linnet x 3 (they landed within 12 feet, but the camera was in my rucksack!) Just before I left there were Swifts x 2 over the dunes and a Wheatear landed about 20 feet away, but was flushed by a dog! Whilst I was sitting there for the two hours I heard Greenfinches, Songthrush, Blackbirds, a Chiffchaff and the Linnets. With Roger at PBP I added 1 Black Headed Gull & 1 Lesser Black Backed Gull to the list. On the way home we visited Porthpean. I located Gannet x 6 bobbing around on the surface of the water, Shag x 3, Great Northern Diver x 3, Cormorant x 1 and Fulmar x 12 (a severe drop on my recent counts). I am now thawing out!"

Report A. Tonry. Sunday 9th May 2010


Wren .......Troglodytes troglodytes
Photographed in the swamp area of St Andrews Pool

Saturday, 8 May 2010


"Due to G.Prix practice (!) only a short visit to Par this afternoon. Did I detect a slight improvement ? At PBPool were 6+,Swallows; 2+, Sd.Martins and 1 x Swift, but on the poolside verge was a 1 x G.R.Plover
in full summer plumage feeding in soft mud.
At the Bay there were 3 x Sand.Terns, 1 x Gannet and 1 x G.N.Diver, but on Par Beach were 1 x Turnstone (in s.p.); 1 x Comm.Sandpiper and 2 x Dunlin (though a dog-walker flushed the latter before I could 'scope them, i.e. possibly some other small wader). However it's a start, if only a trickle as yet !
Don't think much of this cold May weather, where's summer too?"

Report R.Lane Saturday 8th May 2010

Thanks for the report Roger.
Let us hope things will continue to improve.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Lost and Found

Set out optimistically for St Andrews Pool and surrounding area at 1000hrs.
The pool itself was virtually lifeless so I moved down to the Hard Rock Cafe and swamp area. Birds seen in a thirty minute visit:-

2x Wrens, 2x Robins,3x Coal Tits, 2x Blue Tits, 2x Great Tits, 3x Chaffinch, 1x Marsh Tit and a Jay overhead plus Corvids.

Next stop was PBP. After by passing the pool to start at the western car park I suddenly realised I had lost the rubber attachment that fits over the viewfinder and quickly retraced my steps and headed back to St Andrews. Lucky for me I found it on the poolside road where I must have dis lodged it getting out of the car. Fortunately it had avoided the cars that continually park there. So...sorry Steve you nearly had a sale.

Report. T.R.Moore. Friday 7th May 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Report from Nigel Climpson Wednesday 5th May 2010

"A long time since I have seen you or mailed you.
A day late but these pics were taken 7 am ish on Wedneday 5th May at Par Beach Pool.
There were about a dozen swifts and I think a Pinkfoot Goose (probably not a Bean)"
Photographed by Nigel Glimpson.

Thank you for the report and photographs Nigel.

Report from Roger Lane. Thursday 6th May 2010

"Another damp and gloomy day, best bit was meeting Trevor in the Manoa Valley ! However, the rain was not hard enough, at the time, to bring the hirundines down from the skies. There were less than 50 birds mostly House Martins and Swallows, one or two Sd.Martins, but I had to wait for the first and only Swift when I left. Maybe Trevor saw more if he stayed into the heavy rain which followed ! Whatever, Trevor said something, re-Porthpean, which reminded me I hadn't been down to the western Bay for a long while.
I arrived at Porthpean in torrential rain, but after half-hour it cleared revealing a very calm sea. No variety mind you, the only companions to the 50 or so Fulmars were G.N.Divers, at least SIX of them in s.p!
Motivated to re-visit Charlestown (after 2 months?), building work was finished and there was excellent parking at sea-wall. Although calm, a mist out at sea meant I only saw FOUR more G.N.Divers. Must admit muggins spent half-hour working out what was swirling and breaking waves offshore, dolphin, seal, basking shark or just fish shoal ? Turned out to be an off-shore ROCK exposed by the lowering tide !
On to Carlyon Bay cliff car-park, where, glory be, another FOUR x G.N.Divers, but with no support-ing cast. Oh yes there was, with the flock of Herr.Gulls on the sea was a smaller, very active gull, bouyant in flight, but splashing endlessly in the sea-water, turned out to be a 1st-summer KITTEWAKE, trying to get out of it's 1st-winter plumage which was very worn, and confusing ! What it was doing with a flock of Herr.Gulls on a calm day in St.Austell Bay I don't know, other than shedding the retained 1st-winter plumage.
On to Par, very little except: 1 x L.Egret, and 4 x Whimbrel, 1 x Gannet and another THREE x GNDivers. That is 15+, GNDivers still in the Bay during May-month.( Not 1 x BTDiver seen !)"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Unfortunately I did not see anything after leaving you..part of the reason was I again lost the protective shield for the back of the camera and I was searching the ground the whole way back.
We did go to Porthpean later 1900hrs and saw G.N Divers (half what you saw )plus a Guillemot, Shags and Cormorant along with a GBB Gull(on the beach) plus Fulmars and Herring Gulls.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Late Look at Par.

WE had a latish look at PBP 1815 hrs.
The pool itself was very quiet with only the Moorhen Chicks and Goslings of interest.
At the low tide shoreline the scope picked out:-

4x Sandwich Terns
8x Whimbrel flew towards Polkerris then circled back and landed.
5x Oystercatchers
2x Black Headed Gulls
3x GBB Gulls
12x Feral Pigeons over.

Also seen in the Wilderness area and others :-
3x Pied Wagtails
3x Great Tits
3x Goldfinches
2x Chiffchaff...Heard
1x Wren ...Heard Boardwalk.

Plus the usual Chaffinchs, Corvids and Gulls.

Report from Roger Lane. Wednesday 5th May 2010

"Since the weather stayed sunny, it's mostly butterflies again I'm afraid. Actually, not a bad day considering the gloomy forcast. Right, morning totals (from c.4 localities): 2 x LARGE.White(1 female); 6 +,GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips;and 15+, Sp.Woods.
Afternoon totals from Pontsmill only: 1 x Brimstone; 1 x LG.White; 3 x Sm.Whites; 10+, GVWhites 4 x Orange-Tips; 1 x Peacock; 1 x Comma and 1 x RED ADMIRAL (first immigrant, pristine and on a path-way territory to which it constantly returned).
Some small birding interest: it sounds as if there are two Grn.W'Peckers at Pontsmill now (suspected for days), constant 'yaffles' from an inaccessible area. They could be holding a territory.
At Par around 5pm were just 3 x Sandwich Terns and a single (latish) Whimbrel on beach."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Butterfly list updated.

Report from Roger Lane. Tuesday 4th May 2010

Thought I'd ease my way back in gently, but the cold NE wind put a stop to that ! While I remember yesterday, 3rdMay2010, there was a Redshank feeding on the Par Bay shoreline as tide came in. Probably a continental bird, since most Cornish over-winterers left in March.
Today I went 'all over the place' looking for anything worthwhile, with virtually no success. First a morning trip to Caerloggas Downs to listen for a cuckoo. Nothing but roaring traffic and wind. Total sightings: 1 x Sp.Wood; 1 x Lg.Red Damselfly and 10+ Sand Martins (probably from the colony in pit 'just down the road'). Then on to Treskilling Downs (near Bowling Green), where at least there were 2 x GVWhites and 3 x Orange-Tips. Also heard then saw a Yell.Hammer and a C.Whitethroat, both year ticks (!) and both nest there annually. Back to Holmbush for lunch, where 1 x female Orange-Tip and 5 x Sp.Woods showed.
After lunch, to Pontsmill where NE wind inhibited both butterflies and birds. Total 'score' was 2 x GVWhites; 6+, Orange Tips; 1 x Holly Blue and 1 x Comma. The last has to be 'best' since they are beginning to 'go over' in May, ready for the June brood. The only birds of note were an incoming flock of c.30 House Martins (plus 1 x Swift) feeding in the Valley around tree tops.

Thanks for the report Roger.

Things are most certainly quiet at the moment especially at PBP and surrounding area.
Soon we should be enjoying a bonanza of sightings when things start to get into full swing...until then we just have to wait.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rock Pipit

Rock Pipit ....Anthus petrosus

Still in a Quiet Spell.

Had a look at Par today at 1400hrs. The first 3o minutes saw me sitting (chair) close to the reed beds hoping for a photograph of a Warbler or two......never saw a bird.
The Pool was empty and the only thing worth reporting was my first sighting of the Cananda Geese Goslings....six in all being closely guarded by the parents.
The Beach and Shore yeilded up a lone Rock Pipit plus the usual Gulls.
A Song Thrush was also seen on the grass leading up to the rough car park.
Nothing else was worth Butterflies at all today.

St Andrews Cafe area was a shade more productive with...1x Marsh Tit, 3x Coal Tit, 2x Wren, 2x Blue Tit, 2x Great Tit, 2x Chaffinch, 1x Robin and the usual Corvids and Gulls.

Still waiting for Par to liven up .

Monday, 3 May 2010

Out of Bounds

Well! ..It was one of those days when things did not go according to plan.
The alarm sounded at the crack of dawn and we were on our way to Welltown Manor close to Boscastle hoping to catch sight of the American Vagrant.. White Throated Sparrow that had been showing well yesterday.
Unfortunately for us and all the other early risers the bird had not read the script and did not show.
After three and half hours watching we gave up and headed off to Walmsley Sanctuary. Very Little was seen and the only really notable bird was the Wood Sandpiper which was a Year tick for me.

Although bird wise it was a disaster sort of day....neither of us took a single was not all doom and gloom.
At the Manor we met Monts (The Lanner Janner) and his friend Mark. Although over the last year we have often commented on each others blogs we have never met until today. It was nice putting a face to the Blog Monts.

I would also like to thank the owner of Welltown Manor for allowing us access to his property...a true gentleman who even apologised to Angie and myself for the non appearance of the bird during our visit.
Thank you Sir.

This post also appears on A&T Birding.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Nothing New

Visited the private site again at 1130 hrs and the short spell only produced the residents...Nuthatch, Coal, Great and Blue Tits, Chaffinch and Robin.

We had another look at Porthpean at 1800hrs. The sea was a lot harder to scope than the previous day and the results show it.

1x B.T. Diver
1x G.N. Diver
c 22 Fulmar
2x Shag
1x Cormorant
2x Gannet
2x GBB Gull
1x Canada Goose over.
plus Herring Gull and Corvids.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Green Woodpecker and Divers.

A stop and start sort of day beginning at the private site at 1100hrs.

1x Green Woodpecker,1x Jay, 1x Nuthatch, 4x Coal tits , 4x Great Tits, 2x Robins, 2x Blue Tits, 2x Chaffinches ,Squirrel, Corvids, Holly Blue and Speckled Wood Butterflies.

The Manoa Valley at 1730 hrs produced hundreds of Hirundines hawking low around the Sewage Works in heavy rain. Swallows, House and Sand Martins were all seen.

Porthpean at 1830 hrs ...Angie and myself saw.... 2x B.T.Divers, 4x G.N Divers, 4 x Shags, 2 x Cormorants, Fulmars, Herring Gulls and Corvids.

The Green Woodpecker gave a clear view but did not stay around long enough to be photographed unfortunately.
The Divers at Porthpean were an added bonus to the days activities.
The Green Woodpecker was a Baywatch Patch and Year Tick.....only the second one I have seen.
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