Monday, 30 August 2010

Bar-Headed Goose.

Report. A. Tonry. 30th August 2010

"This evening - mostly from Par Pool, ten minutes at Par Beach and ten minutes at Porthpean

Possible Manx Shearwater x 1 (from Porthpean), Gannet 17 (3 from Par Beach and 14 from Porthpean), Cormorant x 5 (1 at Par Pool and 4 from Porthpean), Grey Heron x 2, Mute Swan x 14 on the pool & still 2 & 3 Cygnets, Hybrid Greylag Goose x 1 still on the pool along with Canada Goose x c300 and the return of the BAR HEADED GOOSE x 1 who went out to graze with the Canada Geese this evening, Mallard (lots), Kestrel x 1, Moorhen and Coot (lots), Black Headed Gull x c80, Herring Gull (lots), Lesser Black Backed Gull x 2, Great Black Backed Gull x 5 (3 from Porthpean and 2 from Par beach), Wood Pigeon x 7, Swallow x c60 seen from the pool over the fields and c20 over the Pool at one stage, House Martin x 6, Pied Wagtail x 8, Dunnock x 4, Robin x 1, Blackbird x 3, Reed Warbler x 2, Jay x 1, Jackdaw x 4, Carrion Crow x 2, Starling x 1, Goldfinch x 2, Greenfinch x 3."

Thanks for the report Angie.

Pity the Bar-Headed Goose stayed on the far side of the Pool......

Butterflies on the Wing.

Report. Lee.Slaughter. 30th August 2010

"Saw a big yellow fresh male Brimstone flying near Kilhallon, Par, (SX078555) in a field along a hedgerow at 1:03pm Monday, 30th August, 2010. No doubt some of us will be carrying out the annual pilgrimage next February searching this area or Pontsmill (approx 1/2 mile as crow flies) for the 1st Brimstone of 2011! As Brimstones go, this was big and a beauty! 30+ Speckled Woods, 1 x Common Blue, 10 + Green-Veined Whites, 5 + Large Whites 6 + Small Whites, 10 + Small Tortoishells, 7 + Red Admirals. Nothing else apart from various day flying moths. 15 + Beautiful Damoiselle Damselflies & 3 Dragonflies (Golden-ringed Dragonflies I think) at Tywardreath Marsh (SX083549)."

Thanks for the report Lee and welcome to the Blog.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sandwich Tern.

Tuesday 0930 hrs I paid a visit to see if I could find and photograph some waders that Roger had reported seeing.
The Pool was my first stop; I noticed the Kittiwake had moved on. Very little was seen except a duo of Herons that Roger has pointed out previously are probably part of a family now residing on the Pool.

Looking at the for shore I was more than hopeful it would yield up a wader or two around the exposed rock areas. Sadly this was not the case....all I saw for my long walk was a lone Oystercatcher.

Now the *Salad Bowl* on the other hand was alive with foraging Pied Wagtails c12+ ...maybe even have been more .. and 6x Meadow Pipits.
A possible female Blackcap was in the trees close to the river but kept itself well hidden so no photographic evidence is forecoming.

Yesterday evening with Angie I was pleased to see the flock of Sandwich Terns cx60...they did a few sorties over the Pool and it was quite a sight.


Report. R.Lane. 26th August 2010

"A quick visit to Par was hardly worthwhile, no better than yesterday, indeed no waders at all !
Did find both the TEAL on Par Pool, and 6+, Sand.Terns out in the Bay, But nothing else !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sandwich Tern.

Report. A. Tonry. 25th August 2010

"My report for this afternoon:-

Par 4.20pm – Very poor weather conditions.

Whimbrel x 26 (over & out into the bay), Sandwich Tern x c60 including Juvs (over) (they came over and circled the pool several times in flocks of 18, 31 & c60 at highest count), Swallows x 3 at Pool & x 8 at the River, Teal x 3 on the pool, Dunlin x 6 (over the Pool & then seen on the shoreline). On the pool there are still 5 cygnets (copying parents’ defensive behaviour!) & Grey Herons x 3. Also Lesser Black Backed Gull x 1 and c100 Black Headed Gulls. Between 4.20pm and 7.15pm only one Canada Goose was seen on the pool. This bird is limping, but there are no obvious signs of a fresh injury; its wings are not sitting correctly and it looks uncomfortable. It is obviously unable to fly out to graze with the others. A single Starling (juv) was seen collecting food at the poolside all the time we were there and then a flock (c80) was seen coming in to roost."

Thanks for the report Angie

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ringer Plover

Report. R.Lane.24th August 2010

"No luck today, hardly worth reporting and someone MUST have done better ! On the Pool (6pm) almost nothing save 1 x Teal'
On the Beach, just 3 x R.Plovers.
Over the Bay: 5+, Sandwich Terns."

Thanks for the report Roger.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Waders at Par

Report. R. Lane. 23rd August 2010

"Not a lot to report, late afternoon at the Pool showed the Kittewake still there and also a Little Egret had returned (from somewhere, not seen recently). Did not look for the ducks but hurried on up to the western car-park to look for the Sanderling I missed yesterday ! There were at least 12 x Small Waders on the tide line incl ad. and imm: Ringed Plover, Dunlin and a few Sanderling. Also saw a couple of Sandwich Terns and heard others."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I will have to go and have a look in the morning and hopefully get a few photographs.

Kittiwake Still at PBP

Report. J.Rance. 23rd August 2010

"Just a quick note to report that the Kittiwake was still present on the Pool this afternoon, along with 2 Teal, and 1 Shoveler that I suspect to be a male in eclipse plumage. Is this the 'female' reported recently or have two been seen?"

Thanks for the report John.

The one we saw yesterday was male in eclipse (see Angie's photograph).
Roger did report on the 19th August a fem/imm Shoveler but whether this was a different one I cannot say. Maybe Roger can throw some light on it as he was with us yesterday.

Sunday, 22 August 2010


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Kittiwake.....Rissa tridactyla
Photographed at PBP.
A first for the Baywatch Year and Life List.
The Teal was also a first for PAR but not for the Baywatch site as one had been seen previously at St Andrews Pool.
Report. T.R.Moore. 22nd August 2010

Not much I can add to Angie's post

Penrice was rather dismal today with only a Pheasant, Squirrel and Robin making an appearance.

Angie walked down the far reed bed end of the Pool while I was busy looking through the Gulls at the top end.
I picked out a Kittiwake amongst the Black-Headed Gulls . The black legs were the the give-away. Presumably it was the one Roger saw yesterday.
Photographs taken at PBP by A Tonry.22nd August 2010.


Mixed Bag

Report. A.Tonry. 22nd August 2010

"We arrived at Par Beach Pool at 4.10pm . The Cygnets are all still there (2 & 3). Of note were: Grey Heron x 3, Cormorant x 1, Canada Goose x c200 including one hybrid Greylag Goose, Kittiwake x 1, Shoveller x 1 (male in eclipse), Teal x 2 (we thought male and female, but I've attached an image and I think it could be a juvenile, but I'm sure Roger can confirm either way), Black Headed Gulls (lots!). Sorry the list doesn’t include numbers on the regulars, but Roger turned up and distracted me! Roger pointed out an Alpaca on the hill in the distance. He also postulated that there was a successful Heron nest on Par Marsh this year and that the 3 Grey Herons seen today were related. I think the coffee energised Roger, as he suggested that we have a ramble in the dunes (200 yards!). The weather was awful, but we managed to see a single Gatekeeper on Ragwort, along with a Six Spot Burnet and Sandwich Tern x 5 in the bay. 6 waders also flew over, but we could not ID them in time. Trevor and I headed up to the top car park as the weather got worse. From there I saw: Great Black Backed Gull x 1, Black Headed Gulls (lots!), Sandwich Tern x 7 and Sanderling x 8 moving along the shoreline, dodging people and dogs along the way!"

Thanks for the report Angie.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Kittiwake at Par

Report.R.Lane. 21st August 2010

"Spend almost an hour at Par (4pm to 5pm). Only thing I found on the Pool was that fem/imm. Shoveler, nondescript apart from it's great spatulate bill ! Then a close flock of 20+ small Waders flew from north to south and out over the beach. I went to western car-park and searched for them on the beach, but tide was full and I guess they had gone to Spit. However, all was not lost I did identify Sanderling, Dunlin and Ringed Plover as they flew over the Pool, mostly the latter species I think.
When I returned to the Pool I saw a 'strange' gull far out sitting on the water. 'Scope immediately showed it to be a healthy, adult Kittewake which later flew onto the road bank to roost(?), but was scared off to sea by people. Long time since I've seen delightfully smart Kittewake on the Pool. Brought in by the unseasonably, strong S.West winds I expect. Lousy day brought some result once again !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Things are getting better....will be having a look tomorrow sometime or other.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Black-Tailed Godwits

Report. R.Lane. 20th August 2010

"Spent another half-hour at Par today, in the rain and sea-fog ! Could not see out over the Bay, so parked at Par Pool. Nothing much of interest except that the Shoveler was still there. However, was thinking of leaving at 4.45pm when a flock of large waders came out of the fog, calling (to keep in contact?). It turned out to be 11 (eleven) Godwits ! They circled the Pool on and off until 5pm giving me plenty of chance to see that they were BLACK Tailed Godwits, the biggest flock I have ever seen (except feeding on the Truro River).
These Blk.T.Godwits were fog-bound and wanted to land but there was no exposed MUD (tide right in). I should like to know where they went to roost, or whether they pushed on to the Fal Estuary, (if anyone else saw them) i.e still around high in the fog at 5pm when I left."

Thanks for the report Roger.
It will be interesting if someone reports the whereabouts of them.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shoveler at PBP.

Report. R. Lane. 19th August 2010

"Went over to Par for half-hour this afternoon, on the supposition that bad weather is better than sunny days, at least for birds ! Was sat by the Pool in car (in rain) when I realised one of the 'Mallard' was in fact a SHOVELER (fem/imm) feeding around the western perimeter of the Pool. Quite early for them.
So I moved up to the western car-park overlooking the Bay, where there was a MED.GULL (imm) having molted out of it's juvenile plumage. There was more than one SANDWICH TERN out in the rain. More unusual perhaps was a FULMAR PETREL flying over the sand-dunes and the shore. In the past I have found two dead Fulmars in the dunes, perhaps it's an 'elephant's graveyard' for Fulmars !!!"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Soon be back to the glory days. I am sure as the days get shorter and the weather gets worse ...Par gets better.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Woodpecker Returns.

Report. T.R.Moore. 15th August 2010

A lovely start to the day with sunshine lasting into the early afternoon.
My first port of call was Penrice and today I was rewarded with the return of the Great Spotted Woodpecker who I had not seen for a month or so . Nuthatches numbered three and they were very active...the most I have seen at the same time. The Jay was still very wary and kept his distance the whole time I was there. Coal Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits and the rather shy Robin also visited the table...the only notably absence was the male Pheasant.

The Manoa Valley was alive with small birds...Chiffchaff, Wren, Robin, Chaffinch and a party of six Long-Tailed Tits fluttered about the trees.

On to Par.
It was like a carnival with people everywhere...parking was hopeless and the chance of seeing anything new was virtually nil.

On to Menabilly.
The crowds were just the same with the roadside packed with cars and people.....we gave up and returned home.

Until the holiday is over I feel Par will produce very little of note.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Nothing New

Report. R.Lane. 14th August 2010

"Blog seems to have come to a halt ! And I only saw 4 Bullfinches (at Pontsmill) today It gets no better! Plenty of butterflies and even dragonflies now, but no new ones.
Think I saw your X-reg car leaving Par Pool c.6.15pm tonite, but could not see who was inside due to sunlight, someone waved I think, apologise to whoever it was, all happened so quickly ! Someone was parked in 'our' place anyway. Trust all are well."

Thanks for the report Roger.
We are both okay.
It must have been a member of your fan club...we have not been to Par today.
I cannot see PBP picking up much until after the holidays have finished.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Information. R.Lane. 11th August 2010

"Have seen nothing of note today(Wed.11thAug), too early at 4pm tide still coming in. Perhaps you did better.
In answer to your query posed on the blog yesterday. No I have never seen a Crossbill in the wilderness area, nor likely too. Indeed I may not have seen a crossbill at all ! Yesterday's 'pair' were only labelled Crossbills due to unusual call note, repeated as they fly.
Crossbills tend to disperse or 'erupt' in some years far away from their forests. In such years they may forsake their pine cone diet and feed on such things as thistles, or anything seed can be extracted from
hence the link with the thistle beds (near the shore), since that IS where they came from.
However, I know very little about Crossbills. However the only place I've been able to see them (twice) is on the 'forestry' road from Lostwithiel to Restormel Castle. (On cones there).
Lucky Angie to see (and photograph?) one on Dartmoor. Always found them most difficult to find/see. Glad you had a relaxing 'get away from it all', time !"

Thanks for the info Roger.
Maybe it is time to have another wander around the Restormel Castle area....a nice place on a good day.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Waders at Par Bay

Report. R.Lane. 10th August 2010

Trust you enjoyed your weekend. All I saw were a load of Gannets c.300/hr passing the Gribben in strong SW wind.!
However tonight (5pm Tues.10thAug) there were 2 x Sanderling feeding on the shore of Par Bay, at HIGH tide. I believe they were juveniles and very tame (kept only 10ft away).Good for photo's!
Also kept hearing an unusual metallic call and eventually two smallish birds flew off the thistle beds near the sea, and giving metallic call flew off around to Spit. Can only think that they may have been Crossbills, since I believe it is dispersal time. This was near to where 'the council' have heaped half the beach close to thistles. More common birds on new heaps.

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well done with the Sanderlings of my favorite waders.
Dartmoor was very enjoyable and relaxing . Angie saw a Crossbill in the Bellever Forest; I missed it and it would have been a Life Tick for me. Lots of small birds were active but it was not easy to ID them.
Have you ever seen a Crossbill in the wooded area of Par?

*Old Warriors* Return to Penrice

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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Par Misery

Arrived at Par 1600hrs with great hopes that the drizzle and un-summer like conditions would spark the arrival of a few new species to the pool. Well I was wrong. It was just a replay of last Sunday with the only thing of note being the female Tufted Duck that had stuck around for the week. Roger Lane had joined us at the poolside and also later.... Ian Prophet at the top car park overlooking the Bay. Again nothing of note was seen. Eventually a slightly heavier shower came along and put us out of our misery.
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