Friday, 20 August 2010

Black-Tailed Godwits

Report. R.Lane. 20th August 2010

"Spent another half-hour at Par today, in the rain and sea-fog ! Could not see out over the Bay, so parked at Par Pool. Nothing much of interest except that the Shoveler was still there. However, was thinking of leaving at 4.45pm when a flock of large waders came out of the fog, calling (to keep in contact?). It turned out to be 11 (eleven) Godwits ! They circled the Pool on and off until 5pm giving me plenty of chance to see that they were BLACK Tailed Godwits, the biggest flock I have ever seen (except feeding on the Truro River).
These Blk.T.Godwits were fog-bound and wanted to land but there was no exposed MUD (tide right in). I should like to know where they went to roost, or whether they pushed on to the Fal Estuary, (if anyone else saw them) i.e still around high in the fog at 5pm when I left."

Thanks for the report Roger.
It will be interesting if someone reports the whereabouts of them.

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