Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Slavonian Grebe

Report. Roger Lane.

Just a small note. I was at Carlyon Bay this morning when several small diving birds became apparent just offshore, but no 'bins ! When companion came back and found me a small pair of binoculars hidden in car (!). These showed the 3 birds to be Slavonian Grebes largely in striking summer plumage. Probably a bonded pair (in summer plumage, preening together) and an immature bird, altogether a splendid sight. The species seems scarcer recently. My record for the Bay (c.25ys ago) was 41 birds ! I believe Steve (Madge) had 34 at Portwrinkle the SAME morning.
              The only butterflies this murky spring have been: 1 x Peacock, 18thMarch and 1 x Red Admiral today, 20thMarch. One of the worst springs I can recall, due to mist, cloud and low temperatures.

Thank you for the report Roger. I am sure the Butterflies will soon be out in large numbers.


Report and photograph Andy Cross

Walking around the grass by Par beach pond the other day i came across  this bird which had been the target of a bird of prey but getting closer i could see  that the prey itself was a bird of prey i think it was a female sparrowhawk please correct me if i am wrong Its chest was ripped opened and all the organs were missing and the head was missing and can anyone tell me what other bird of prey would do this       Andy Cross

Thanks for the photograph and report. Does anybody have a suggestion as what could have been the culprit?

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Male Shoveler

Report and Photographs. Andrew Carey

Popped into Par Beach this afternoon, caught a brief glimpse of the Bittern, up in the reeds behind the causeway, not seen again once I'd got the camera out. Also present were a couple of teal, a male shoveler, (a couple of photos attached) the ring necked duck and a number of tufties, and a little grebe, plus all the usual suspects.
Thank you for the report and photographs Andrew. I had a quick look at 1800hrs this evening. It was very quiet and misty with very few birds about. Nothing of note ...just a couple of Tufties diving.

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