Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Slavonian Grebe

Report. Roger Lane.

Just a small note. I was at Carlyon Bay this morning when several small diving birds became apparent just offshore, but no 'bins ! When companion came back and found me a small pair of binoculars hidden in car (!). These showed the 3 birds to be Slavonian Grebes largely in striking summer plumage. Probably a bonded pair (in summer plumage, preening together) and an immature bird, altogether a splendid sight. The species seems scarcer recently. My record for the Bay (c.25ys ago) was 41 birds ! I believe Steve (Madge) had 34 at Portwrinkle the SAME morning.
              The only butterflies this murky spring have been: 1 x Peacock, 18thMarch and 1 x Red Admiral today, 20thMarch. One of the worst springs I can recall, due to mist, cloud and low temperatures.

Thank you for the report Roger. I am sure the Butterflies will soon be out in large numbers.

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