Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Photograph and report. A. Carey. Tuesday 27th September 2011

Good to see you out and about today, despite the lack of birds.
I saw 5 speckled wood and 1 red admiral butterfly, Roger's Shelduck was still on the pool, and two of the four herons that flew in had a right go at each other!! 

Nice capture that Andy.
Just for the record ...The Pool and shoreline were dismal to say the least with nothing worth recording. I did manage to see a Kingfisher 3 times as it moved around way out of camera range upstream by the bridge close to Imerys  private road.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

G.S. Woodpecker

Report .R.Lane Sunday 25th September 2011.

A brief visit to Par about 4pm today gave the following results:
             Par Pool is still being filled with equinox tides which will go on for several more days. The only bird addition was 1 x Shelduck.
             Moving on to the 'Wilderness' I heard, and briefly saw, a G.S.Woodpecker, possibly an immature, in the Pine trees.
             The Bay was noisy with Sandwich Terns, a youngster calling and being fed on the strand-line, though I could see only up to six adults. Amongst many feeding B.H.Gulls was at least 1 x adult MED.GULL

Nice one in the Wilderness Roger.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Tree Pipit at St Blazey

Report. Danny the Pirate.

Yes the first of Andy's photos is of a juvenile Knot with the pale fringes to the feathers on the back. The second photo is of a Juvenile Dunlin with a few grey winter feathers appearing on the back. I've had a few Yellow Wagtails and a Tree Pipit over St Blazey in the last Week.

Thank you for the confirmation Danny. I am still waiting to see a Tree Pipit.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brent Geese

 Report. R. Lane . Sunday 18th September.

A brief visit to Par late this afternoon (5pm) showed a hybrid Goose on Par Pool. Superficially like a Canada Goose from the rear to the neck, but neck and head distinct. Wider neck than Canada and colour light grey-brown. No white chin patch, distinct white eye-ring and a PINK bill. Neck showed 'scruffy'  molting  feathers. Probably only last year's Greylag/Canada hybrid, molting from summer to winter plumage.
                 More success on Par Bay where there were 8 x BRENT GEESE (far out on the waves of mid-tide). Only seen at a considerable distance, they were though to be of the White-fronted variety, an early date. But please check someone, suggest at high tide, at western end of beach.

Can anyone confirm Roger's sightings?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Waders at Par

Report and Photograph Andy Cross

Please could identify these two waders  both were on Par beach pond but not at the same time nice to be able to get close to take some nice photos i am never sure on the species of several birds but learning all the time andy cross

A pair of nice photographs Andy. 
We are going for Knot and Dunlin but like you we are no experts.
Over to the men in the know to identify Andy's sightings.

Monday, 12 September 2011


I've just noticed a slight error in the last report I mailed in.
The Oyster catcher numbers should read 40+ (not 4+).

Thursday 8th was a good day for Gannets. I walked out to the end of the Gribben in the afternoon and noticed a steady stream of them passing. At one point there were over 120 visible.

Cheers,  Phil Ouless.
Thanks for the report Phil.

Ringed B.H Gull

Report. R. Lane

A brief visit to Par Pool (8thSep.2011) showed the two gulls of 4thSep (Med.Gull & Darvic ringed B.H.Gull) to be present still. At least there was an imm.Med Gull still, although it did look smarter than on 4thSep.! It's typical 'bully-boy' behaviour brought it to my notice today, 'seeing-off any B.H.Gull within reach !
             Got a bit closer to the white darvic ringed B.H.Gull, which incidentally is an adult and ringed on the right leg as suspected. The number appears to be: Z V 2 7 (not 5 digit as thought), and has NOT been reported yet (by me), if anyone cares to, please do so. (Recorder: R.LANE).
Sorry it was up late.
When can we expect the first Divers Roger?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spit Beach

Report. Phil Ouless  6th September 2011

I was at Spit Beach at about 4 o`clock this afternoon, about 3 hours after high water. There were 4+ Oystercatchers present, 3 Little Egrets & a Curlew near the harbour. On rocks just west of the beach were 8 Turnstones, 6 Ringed Plovers, 3 Dunlins, 2 Knot & 1 Bar Tailed Godwit. Once the dog walkers had vacated the beach, the waders came down to feed & I got some entertaining views of the Turnstones rummaging through the seaweed along the strand line. The Godwit fed slightly higher up the beach. Several Gannets were also visible out in the bay.

A nice collection of waders Phil. Thank you for the report.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Med Gull

 Report. 4th September 2011. R. Lane

Since the Par chuffer train broke down, at Yeovil(?), I continued on for a quick look at Par Pond (later than normal). There were three items of some interest, briefly, until evening holiday-makers came to feed/chase the gulls.
             Firstly there was a  juv. Herr.Gull with a fractured/injured leg, which could fly but not walk, landing mostly on the water. Secondl  was a 'new' B.H.Gull sporting a white Darvic ring (I think on it's right leg) with a large 5(?) digit number, which I only saw at a distance without 'bins. Thirdly, there was an juv/imm MED GULL just molting out of juv. plumage into 1st-winter.
             All three birds were on the grass bank by the road, but were being harassed by holidaymakers. The darvic ring number would be quite readable with 'bins. The Med.Gull in molt is a rather scruffy individual !
Thank you for the report Roger.
It was a bit of a let down the train arriving after dark. Still..I managed to photograph it this afternoon at the temporary shed.
Well done with the Gulls.

Knot at Par

Report and photographs. Nigel Climpson 4th September 2011

7pm this evening in Par Harbour. This juvenile Knot landed just in front of me. A quick Indian crawl gave  satisfactory return for being covered in wet sand.

Nice photographs Nigel.

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