Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brent Geese

 Report. R. Lane . Sunday 18th September.

A brief visit to Par late this afternoon (5pm) showed a hybrid Goose on Par Pool. Superficially like a Canada Goose from the rear to the neck, but neck and head distinct. Wider neck than Canada and colour light grey-brown. No white chin patch, distinct white eye-ring and a PINK bill. Neck showed 'scruffy'  molting  feathers. Probably only last year's Greylag/Canada hybrid, molting from summer to winter plumage.
                 More success on Par Bay where there were 8 x BRENT GEESE (far out on the waves of mid-tide). Only seen at a considerable distance, they were though to be of the White-fronted variety, an early date. But please check someone, suggest at high tide, at western end of beach.

Can anyone confirm Roger's sightings?

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  1. The 8 x Brent Geese where still in Par Bay c.5pm on Mon.19thSept, but just as far out (low equinox tides comming up) hence none the wiser !
    (did not visit on 20thSept.)
    Best Wishes, Roger


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