Monday, 5 September 2011

Med Gull

 Report. 4th September 2011. R. Lane

Since the Par chuffer train broke down, at Yeovil(?), I continued on for a quick look at Par Pond (later than normal). There were three items of some interest, briefly, until evening holiday-makers came to feed/chase the gulls.
             Firstly there was a  juv. Herr.Gull with a fractured/injured leg, which could fly but not walk, landing mostly on the water. Secondl  was a 'new' B.H.Gull sporting a white Darvic ring (I think on it's right leg) with a large 5(?) digit number, which I only saw at a distance without 'bins. Thirdly, there was an juv/imm MED GULL just molting out of juv. plumage into 1st-winter.
             All three birds were on the grass bank by the road, but were being harassed by holidaymakers. The darvic ring number would be quite readable with 'bins. The Med.Gull in molt is a rather scruffy individual !
Thank you for the report Roger.
It was a bit of a let down the train arriving after dark. Still..I managed to photograph it this afternoon at the temporary shed.
Well done with the Gulls.

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