Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shoveler at PBP.

Report. R. Lane. 19th August 2010

"Went over to Par for half-hour this afternoon, on the supposition that bad weather is better than sunny days, at least for birds ! Was sat by the Pool in car (in rain) when I realised one of the 'Mallard' was in fact a SHOVELER (fem/imm) feeding around the western perimeter of the Pool. Quite early for them.
So I moved up to the western car-park overlooking the Bay, where there was a MED.GULL (imm) having molted out of it's juvenile plumage. There was more than one SANDWICH TERN out in the rain. More unusual perhaps was a FULMAR PETREL flying over the sand-dunes and the shore. In the past I have found two dead Fulmars in the dunes, perhaps it's an 'elephant's graveyard' for Fulmars !!!"

Thanks for the report Roger.
Soon be back to the glory days. I am sure as the days get shorter and the weather gets worse ...Par gets better.

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