Thursday, 12 August 2010


Information. R.Lane. 11th August 2010

"Have seen nothing of note today(Wed.11thAug), too early at 4pm tide still coming in. Perhaps you did better.
In answer to your query posed on the blog yesterday. No I have never seen a Crossbill in the wilderness area, nor likely too. Indeed I may not have seen a crossbill at all ! Yesterday's 'pair' were only labelled Crossbills due to unusual call note, repeated as they fly.
Crossbills tend to disperse or 'erupt' in some years far away from their forests. In such years they may forsake their pine cone diet and feed on such things as thistles, or anything seed can be extracted from
hence the link with the thistle beds (near the shore), since that IS where they came from.
However, I know very little about Crossbills. However the only place I've been able to see them (twice) is on the 'forestry' road from Lostwithiel to Restormel Castle. (On cones there).
Lucky Angie to see (and photograph?) one on Dartmoor. Always found them most difficult to find/see. Glad you had a relaxing 'get away from it all', time !"

Thanks for the info Roger.
Maybe it is time to have another wander around the Restormel Castle area....a nice place on a good day.

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