Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sandwich Tern.

Tuesday 0930 hrs I paid a visit to see if I could find and photograph some waders that Roger had reported seeing.
The Pool was my first stop; I noticed the Kittiwake had moved on. Very little was seen except a duo of Herons that Roger has pointed out previously are probably part of a family now residing on the Pool.

Looking at the for shore I was more than hopeful it would yield up a wader or two around the exposed rock areas. Sadly this was not the case....all I saw for my long walk was a lone Oystercatcher.

Now the *Salad Bowl* on the other hand was alive with foraging Pied Wagtails c12+ ...maybe even have been more .. and 6x Meadow Pipits.
A possible female Blackcap was in the trees close to the river but kept itself well hidden so no photographic evidence is forecoming.

Yesterday evening with Angie I was pleased to see the flock of Sandwich Terns cx60...they did a few sorties over the Pool and it was quite a sight.

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