Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mixed Bag

Report. A.Tonry. 22nd August 2010

"We arrived at Par Beach Pool at 4.10pm . The Cygnets are all still there (2 & 3). Of note were: Grey Heron x 3, Cormorant x 1, Canada Goose x c200 including one hybrid Greylag Goose, Kittiwake x 1, Shoveller x 1 (male in eclipse), Teal x 2 (we thought male and female, but I've attached an image and I think it could be a juvenile, but I'm sure Roger can confirm either way), Black Headed Gulls (lots!). Sorry the list doesn’t include numbers on the regulars, but Roger turned up and distracted me! Roger pointed out an Alpaca on the hill in the distance. He also postulated that there was a successful Heron nest on Par Marsh this year and that the 3 Grey Herons seen today were related. I think the coffee energised Roger, as he suggested that we have a ramble in the dunes (200 yards!). The weather was awful, but we managed to see a single Gatekeeper on Ragwort, along with a Six Spot Burnet and Sandwich Tern x 5 in the bay. 6 waders also flew over, but we could not ID them in time. Trevor and I headed up to the top car park as the weather got worse. From there I saw: Great Black Backed Gull x 1, Black Headed Gulls (lots!), Sandwich Tern x 7 and Sanderling x 8 moving along the shoreline, dodging people and dogs along the way!"

Thanks for the report Angie.

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