Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Still in a Quiet Spell.

Had a look at Par today at 1400hrs. The first 3o minutes saw me sitting (chair) close to the reed beds hoping for a photograph of a Warbler or two......never saw a bird.
The Pool was empty and the only thing worth reporting was my first sighting of the Cananda Geese Goslings....six in all being closely guarded by the parents.
The Beach and Shore yeilded up a lone Rock Pipit plus the usual Gulls.
A Song Thrush was also seen on the grass leading up to the rough car park.
Nothing else was worth reporting....no Butterflies at all today.

St Andrews Cafe area was a shade more productive with...1x Marsh Tit, 3x Coal Tit, 2x Wren, 2x Blue Tit, 2x Great Tit, 2x Chaffinch, 1x Robin and the usual Corvids and Gulls.

Still waiting for Par to liven up .

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