Saturday, 8 May 2010


"Due to G.Prix practice (!) only a short visit to Par this afternoon. Did I detect a slight improvement ? At PBPool were 6+,Swallows; 2+, Sd.Martins and 1 x Swift, but on the poolside verge was a 1 x G.R.Plover
in full summer plumage feeding in soft mud.
At the Bay there were 3 x Sand.Terns, 1 x Gannet and 1 x G.N.Diver, but on Par Beach were 1 x Turnstone (in s.p.); 1 x Comm.Sandpiper and 2 x Dunlin (though a dog-walker flushed the latter before I could 'scope them, i.e. possibly some other small wader). However it's a start, if only a trickle as yet !
Don't think much of this cold May weather, where's summer too?"

Report R.Lane Saturday 8th May 2010

Thanks for the report Roger.
Let us hope things will continue to improve.

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