Monday, 17 May 2010

Small Heath Butterfly

Report. R. Lane. Monday 17th May 2010

"Not much time and not much of interest, unless you like butterflies, but an appointment this morning meant I could not get out until afternoon. Drove in and around the confines of the area, but the only new Butterfly, 1 x SM.HEATH, came from Treskilling Downs (in 1Km.Sq SX0357), which I'm not sure is within the area (but closer than Caerloggas). Birds included Yell.Hammers and dozens of Whitethroats.
Otherwise it was various records from about 10 sites, here and there ! Hence I'll only put daily Grand Totals for species: 1 x Brimstone; 6 x LG.Whites; 2 x Sm.Whites; 6 x GVWhites; 4 x Orange-Tips;
1 x Holly Blue; 2 x Peacocks; 5 x Commas; 5 x Sp.Woods and 1 x SM.HEATH (+ a Speckled Yellow Mth)
2 x Jays were seen in the wilderness at Par, and may be nesting there. Only other 'sundries' were: 2 x Lg.Red Damselflies and a sun-basking C.Lizard (NOT at Par)."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I will put it on the list..maybe we are branching out hehe. The birds look interesting ..maybe I will have a look real soon.

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