Sunday, 30 May 2010


Report. R.Lane. 30th May 2010

"Spent a damp hour at Par after the G.Prix today and found the latter was far more exciting ! My list for Par (Bay) was just: 1 x Dunlin; 1 x Whimbrel; 1 x Fulmar and 3 x Gannets ! On the Pond I noted that there are TWO broods of cygnets numbering 4 each (one slightly larger than the other). It was raining by then (4pm) and on my way home I decided to divert around Sea-Road, Carlyon where the road comes within 100yds of the of the cliff-top in places. To my surprise I saw the silouette of a butterfly to sea-ward, an hour into the moderate rain, I slowed and it flew across the road in front looking very bedraggled. However, it was seen to be a Painted Lady in off the cliff and flying north. I presume it left Europe under high pressure and dry weather, and was making landfall in low pressure, grey skies, cloud and rain in Britain !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well at least the Grand Prix was exciting ...but surely the Red Bull drivers and Maclaren's will be over the carpet for stupid manoeuvres from their own teams.

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