Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Carloggas Downs

Report. T.R.Moore. 25th May 2010

Decided to have a look again at Carloggas Downs (1300hrs) in the hope of seeing and photographing a Raven or Cuckoo.

After stopping the car I immediately saw the Raven but it had its back to me so the resulting photograph was nothing special. After wandering around catching glimpses of Skylarks, Mipits and Greenfinches I returned to the car to eat the packed lunch I had.

After finishing I pondered where or what to do next when a pair of Cuckoos flew past me and landed on the rocks a hundred yards or more away....I dashed off a few record shots...you would not I.D them from the photographs ..and then tried to get closer. They were having none of that and off they went being mobbed by a few LBJ's.
I decided to go back and get closer to the rocks. I had got about fifteen yards away when one flew right overhead closely followed by the other who decided to land on the rock....click. click and he was away and I never saw them again.

The two photographs were completely different. The one where the bird landed was out of focus but the second one when the bird was taking off was better...

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