Saturday, 22 May 2010

Butterfly Reports ( Out Of Bounds ).

Reporting from out the Area. R.Lane. 21st-22nd May 2010.

"Yesterday I drove 50mls for 5 new year species, today I drove 60mls
for just 2 new species ! Can't win them all, but it sure is hot wherever
you go.

Today (Sat): 1st stop NW Goss Moor (SW9359), where I met Paul (B)
just leaving! I went on to see the following:

1 x Grizz.Skipper; 12+, Dingy Skipps; 2 x Lg.Whites; 15+,GVWhites;
5+, Orange-Tips; 1 x Holly Blue(PB); 1 x Red Admiral; 1 x Peacock and 1
x SPB.Fritillary (also seen earlier by PB). The most prolific Leps were
40+, Burnet Companion Moths !

In attempting to get to Breney Comm. from there I ended up N. of
Bodmin with an overheated engine. I eventually found the road to Breney
Comm. (from the north) was completely closed! The car overheated again
and I decided to give up and went to Cabilla Woods (SX1365), which was
fairly useless in the sweltering heat of the day 1-2pm, butterflies take
siestas over the 'noon-time' hours, hence I saw only the following:

6 x Brimstones; 2 x Lg.Whites; 12+ GVWhites; 2 x Orange-Tips; 2
x Sm. Coppers and 1 x Peacock. Otherwise it was 2 x Sp.Yellow Moths and
a solitary Bee-fly, my first record there, I think !

Since it was only 4pm I decided to have another try at
Breney, this time from the SE. Thus my only time there was from 4.30 to
5.30pm, a bit late for most species, even at 20degsC ! However, did
quite well for an evening hour with the following (at SX0560):

20, GVWhites; 10+, Orange-Tips; 1 x SPB.FRIT; 2 x MARSH FRITS
and 3 x SM.HEATHS ! The Marsh Frits were out late wing-drying,
basking on dry molinia grass and taking long flights at speed. probably
more in the 'day' !"

"Had not been to Perransands/Penhale
for well over 6 months until today. Totals for late May should have been
higher, but after the last winter most species are 2 to 4 weeks late.
Most were fresh looking to-day. Anyway, to get started, only 2 stops,
the 1st at Glanvilles Field,Penhale (temp. 25degsC +, total sun all
day). (Parts of SW7856 & SW7857)

15+, Dingy Skippers;

1 x Grizz. Skipper(ab.'taras')

6 x Lg.Whites

20+, G.V.Whites;

10+, Orange-Tips;

1 x S.Copper (male)

25+, Brown Argus

12+, Comm.Blues;

4 x Peacocks(overwint.)

1 x Sp.Wood;

1 x Cinnabar Moth

ZERO x Wall Brown & Sm.Heath.

The 2nd stop was Gear Sds/Penhale Sds(parts of SW7656 &

1 x Grizz.Skipper (normal)

5+, Dingy Skippers;

1 x Lg.White;

6 x G.V.Whites;

2 x Orange-Tips;

40 +, Brown Argus;

30 +, Comm.Blues;

1 x Peacock(overwint.)



10 +, Cinnabar Moths.

Nectar is in desperately short supply and majority were flying
rapidly between buttercups and whatever else was available"

Thanks for the reports Roger. Even though they were out of bounds it shows what can be seen if you have the knowledge and know where to look.
I am sure they will be of great interest to the Blogs Butterfly fans.

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