Sunday, 23 May 2010

SQUACCO HERON. Historical Facts.

The historical fact sheet has been kindly sent in by DEREK JULIAN (CBWPS Chairman)..

There have been 23 Squacco Herons in Cornwall. The first was shot at Penzance in 1834. Between the first and 1907 a total of 17 birds were recorded, but none were noted between 1907 and 1981. Since 1981 there have been 6 records, (plus last nights bird).

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec undated
0 .....0.... 0..... 4.... 14..... 1..... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0.... 0...... 4

Thanks for sharing that with us Derek.

It just goes to show how rare this bird is in every four years.
If you have not seen it yet, do it now. The bird is like Microsoft, user friendly.


  1. Whereabouts do I need to go?
    Fantastic photos btw.

  2. Hi Michelle

    Snowlands Fisheries which is just up the road from St Andrews Pool (before if coming from Polmear). I am meeting Roger there tonight 1730hrs.


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