Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pontsmill and Par.

Report.A.Tonry.Sunday 16th May 2010

"Well, as you know I took my Mum out for a wander today. We had a short walk (limp) at Pontsmill. Made it as far as the old mine chimney. I studied the walls hoping to see a Moth or two lurking in the crevices, but no joy, although there were one or two very tiny Moths in flight, but I have no idea what they were. On the walk I recorded: Jay x 1, Magpie x 2, Wren x 2 and numerous singing around the woods, Robin x 2, Blue Tit x 2, Chiffchaff x 2, Chaffinch x 3, Great Tit x 1, Coal Tit x 1, Blackbird x 2, Swallow x 4, and BUTTERFLIES: Green Veined White x 2, Brimstone x 1. Other birds heard, but not seen. The Old Peacock was strutting his stuff in the enclosure. A quick visit to Par Beach Pool where I saw Heron x 2 fly over; one landed on the pool, but the other continued in flight. I heard Sedge and Reed Warblers. There was a holidaymaker with a huge German Shepherd who thought it quite acceptable and even entertaining to throw a stick at the gulls and watch the dog chase it. All the other birds were keeping well clear of the shoreline. My blood was at boiling point when Roger arrived. With Roger this evening from the top car park I was not recording everything I was seeing, as I was enjoying Roger’s tales about “the good old days”, so this is as accurate as my memory will allow: Mallard x 4 in flight, Sandwich Tern x 4, Gannet x 8, Cormorant x 2, Oystercatcher x 2, Great Black Backed Gull x 2, Lesser Black Backed Gull x 2, Linnet x 2, Chaffinch x 2, Greenfinch x 2 (more heard), Robin x 1, Chiffchaff x 1 (heard), Kittiwake x 1 (flying East beyond Gribbin Head - if I ID’d it correctly!) and just after Roger left, Whimbrel x 7 in flight over Par Docks heading N/W."

Thanks for the report Angie.

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