Thursday, 27 May 2010

Green Woodpecker Yaffling away at Carloggas Downs.

Report. R.Lane. 27th May 2010.

"Went to Carloggas Downs this morning, and saw your Cuckoo at last ! Could hear it calling from a tree low down near the road and as I approached it flew down onto a fence post and continued calling! Lot of Whitethroats calling up there now, but was surprised to hear a Green W'Pecker 'yaffling' away too !
There were also two new butterflies for the patch I believe: no less than 6 x DINGY SKIPPERS and 4 x GREEN HAIRSTREAKS, the latter my first for the year, and both were new for the St.Austell Baywatch area, I believe. Amongst the Damselflies were also 2 x Broad-bodied Chasers (incl. from TreK Pit recently).
Went to an 'out-of-bounds' site where I failed to find a rare butterfly that lived there last year, but there were 6+, 4-spotted Chasers there and a dozen Beautiful Demoiselles (incl. from TresK Pit recently.
Thus was late visiting TreK. Dwns (4pm) and there were only a sparce showing of butterflies but they included the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary at the roadside, which would make an EXCELLENT photo both upper and underwing attractive, and the only site in your patch where they occur.

Thanks for the report Roger.
We have been wondering if the photograph I sent you contained four Cuckoos (two pairs) shame it was such a distance and a poor shot.

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