Monday, 10 May 2010

Garden Warbler

"Not so much a report as a sighting. Could find nothing of significance anywhere. Eventually ended up at the Menabilly car-park, where at least the 'scope showed 5 or 6 Gannets passing the Gribben in an easterly direction. Then I noticed a tired looking small bird resting up in a bush only 10ft from the car watching me ! Very non-descipt and unexciting, eliminated most all of the possiblities, and it left me with my first GARDEN WARBLER seen this year (one probable heard at Pontsmill). To my surprise it was joined by another before I left, and there were other (unidentified) birds in the same thick hedge! Only claiming two !
Have found this with the Gribben before, it's all or nothing. At Gribben Head I've had up to 3 male Pied Flcatchers, and another time 4 x Whinchats at Polridmouth. Must coincide with an influx of migrants.
But today could only manage the 2 x Garden Warblers !"

Report. R.Lane Monday 10th May 2010

Thanks for the report Roger.

I had a dismal morning at Par 1000hrs. I walked out to the rocks exposed by the low tide and never saw a single Wader, Pipit or Wagtail and it was hard going sinking four inches into the mud every step.
At the Par River was a lone Heron at the far end down stream by the bridge. The Bullfinch I stalked in the Wilderness proved to be a Robin Doh!
Next I sat down in the chair in the Reed Beds and after seeing only a brief glimpse of a bird shooting straight up and then down again some way away which I guess was a Sedge Warbler I gave up after thirty minutes of not seeing a sight of another bird.....I left wondering if they were singing or was I just wasting my time.
A brief spell at St Andrews was another man made disaster. I had just got to the Cafe when I noticed my lights were flashing...I rushed back thinking my alarm was going off (have done this in the past) and after a few minutes realised it was my hazard warning lights... I must have knocked it on as I left the car. I was so happy I went home.

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