Saturday, 29 May 2010

Painted Lady.

Report. R.Lane. 28th May 2010

"Heard last evening(27th) that up to a dozen Painted Ladies had been seen along the south coast, while I was ferreting away inland ! Although I had appointments this morning (when it was sunniest), I bravely went out into cloud and wind mid-afternoon. The Gribben was only 90% cloudy but v.windy. However knowing what I was looking for I a chose the lee-ward hedge of a set-side field a few 100yards north of the Menabilly carpark. Walked 50yds along it and what should fly up and circle me but my 1st PAINTED LADY for the year ! I believe it is also the first for the patch too. Did not see another butterfly for rest of the day, but at least I got what I went for. Had to be today lest the weather breaks at the weekend. 'Though P.Ladies are masters of the wind and weather, maybe we'll get a few in the next 48hrs, come rain or shine !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
A little forward planning paid off.

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