Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Walk to Gribben


Whitethroat near Booley

Heron at Par Pool

Report and photographs. Andrew Thomas (Shrewsbury)

I have been down for a couple of days. Disappointed not to see the Diver at Par Pool, but I have had a wonderful walk out to the Gribben today and I am enclosing some photo's. Nothing special, although the Buzzard put on a good show. Not all in focus, sorry - please use as you see fit, I will not be offended.

Glad your computer is better.

Thanks for the report and photographs Andrew.
I am not sure was has happened to the Red-Throated Diver but it was at St Andrews Pool Par. 
Can anyone give an update on the Diver?


  1. Didn't find the RT Diver at St Andrews or PBP yesterday (20/04). Reed and Sedge Warblers both back at PBP though.


  2. I'm told that the Diver made it to Par Beach Pool on Tuesday, and is presumed to have flown off from there later that day or v early Wednesday. Cheers, Andy Carey

  3. Thanks for the information John.

  4. Well I am glad to hear that Andrew. It seems as if it has a fighting chance.


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