Monday, 18 April 2011

Up and Walking.

Technical hitch......I wish it had of been just that. The computer had to be restored to its factory settings with a loss of many photographs and other stuff. It took a lot of messing about in the BIOS and other things to get it back working.
System Restore would not fact the PC would not come on at all for more than a few seconds and then switched itself off.
Corruption in the Registry and other problems left me no option but to try a partial re-install to its original factory settings. (Recovery Disc)
This was tried after shifting the Boot sequence from H.D.Drive to CD. Nothing was a complete re-install or nothing.
Then it was a question of getting the ISP back up...not really a problem....but the wireless network was a different ball game. It was finding all the stuff..passwords and key phrases I set up four years ago...that took a little time. is now up and send 'em in and let's get back running.

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