Sunday, 13 March 2011


Report John Rance.

The jungle drums may well have been beating and this may have filtered through to you already, but just in case you didn't know, theres a Waxwing at Kingfisher Drive in St Austell at moment. Its been there a couple of days, unfortunately its spending most of its time in someone's back garden so its quite distant and awkward to see and I suspect would be equally awkward to photograph without aggravating the residents; but its making short flights round and about the vicinity now and again so you may catch up with it if you have a mosey around the area. Out of consideration for the residents I think it'd be unfair to publicise the address of the particular garden its favouring , but lets just say if you find the Latter Day Saints Church and keep a sharp eye out, you won't be far away. Had good views this morning; even if watching a Waxwing whilst basking myself in warm Spring sunshine in a tshirt and shorts was slightly surreal!

Thank you for the report John.
As you suspected word did filter through.
I do agree it can cause a degree of aggravation especially if the people are non birders .
So if anyone reading this is going to see the bird, please do respect peoples privacy at all times.

It definitely was a day to be out and about.

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