Sunday, 13 March 2011

Good Haul at Black Head.

Report .Danny Cooper. 13th March 2011

Hi there, good couple of hours at black head this afternoon with 21 Great Northern Divers and three Red Throated, I heard a Tawny Owl at 17:00 befor a single Curlew fley SW the Ravens were very vocal and a flock of 17 Linnets came in to roost on the head. The Fulmars waere also displaying to each other then as I was leaving I noticed lots of birds on the sea in a big "raft" a small raft of 22 Fulmars and an amzing 64 Shags! There were 20 plus Gannets around the bay and I also saw 2 Peacock Butterflies

That is a very impressive number of Divers....The Shags is a truly amazing total. Must have been a very impressive sight indeed. Well done Danny

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