Sunday, 27 March 2011

Red-throated Diver on Par Beach Pool.

Report and photographs. A.Carey. 27th March 2011

Sorry you missed out on the very confiding Red Throated Diver on the pool today, gave great views and shots to many people and photographers. Also present at least two shovellers, and all the usual suspects. Hopefully it will still be there tomorrow. Attached, three pics.

Nice photographs Andrew.

I should imagine it is a rare occurrence to see a Diver on the Pool. Maybe Roger can enlighten us.


  1. Yes indeed Trevor, I can only remember another R.T.Diver (most likely since shorter 'runway' is required!). I recall 1 x G.N.Diver years ago, how it landed, or took off I don't know ! Doubtless a BTDiver has been recorded, if someone cares to go back through the official records (now on single DVD ?.) RTDivers are however the most scarce within the west,especially on fresh water, and as close as today's bird !

  2. Staggering shots, normally seen two miles away through a scope

  3. I agree with Sam,three excellent images.

  4. Thanks for the chaps, we got really lucky with this one. Sadly it flew off about 3.30 on Monday. Andy


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