Monday, 28 March 2011

Dipper and Grey Wagtails


Report and photographs. Richard Ford.

. I don't know if you do spiders, but I haven't seen one of these outside of Wiltshire before and thought it may be of interest (it was in our conservatory). Also, could you confirm if this is a Holly Blue? My butterfly knowledge is lacking I'm afraid. It was from Black Head on the 20th - a second example was taken on the wing by a robin... The Dipper and pair of Wagtails were from the Manoa valley the weekend before - thanks for the tip on where to go for them too. :)

Thanks for the great photographs Richard.

I do not take many macro shots... and spiders I know nothing about. Saying that ..I am sure it will be of interest to some of the Blog readers.

It looks like a Holly Blue to me......but our expert Butterfly man is Roger Lane who I am sure will confirm it is indeed a Holly Blue or tell us what it really is. My butterfly knowledge is gradually improving but as yet is a long way behind Roger, A.Carey and probably many mores of the Blog readers.

Glad you found the Dipper tip useful.


  1. Yep -- Holly Blue (no other species emerges in March). Good one Richie !

  2. The Spider is called a Scytodidae,which is a Spitting Spider.
    Mainly found in buildings and among rocks,especially in warmer regions.

  3. Thanks Roger and also John and Sue.


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