Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hawk and Falcon

Report. R. Lane. 10th March 2011

Not a lot to report, just 'flyovers' basically. Was at Par Pool for about 5 minutes (!) but the only activity I saw was a large (female) Sp.Hawk drifting westward across the Pool (into the wind, for lift?), when a flock of Starlings from the dunes went up and intercepted it, harassing it continuously, despite it's side-slipping and dummy threats !
Also on the Pool were many L.B.B.Gulls, and on the beach of Par Bay, scores more, with half as many G.B.B.Gulls, with more flying westward over the sea. When I returned to Holmbush even more were flying west over the tree-clad depression inland from Carlyon and Charlestown, probably to avoid the wind strength at sea. This is a daily event in early spring always AGAINST the strong winds, with no significant movement on calm days. The afternoon was completed by the scream of a Blackbird nearly flying into a wall Looking up immediate I was in time to see a Peregrine Falcon come over from the north, heading for the coast at high speed (at right angles to the wind ! ). Possibly from Carn Grey?

Thanks for the report Roger. We are both still under the weather but gradually improving.

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