Monday, 7 March 2011

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Photographs. Andrew Thomas

An e-mail sent to me from Andrew Thomas of Shrewsbury.

'My name is Andrew Thomas and I am a regular visitor to Par. I was born in Tywardreath and have family there - one of whom put me on to your web-site.

I was down last week and took a number of photo's that may be of interest, which are attached (all dated 25.2.11): '

: A number of (I think) Great Crested Grebes in the bay (I would welcome advice)
: Mallard at Polridmouth eating a frog!
: Herring Gulls over Gribben Head
: Fulmar over Booley.
Thank you for the e-mail and photographs Andrew (we are collecting Andrews at Par) and welcome to the Blog.
I am sure being a local lad some of the Blog readers will recognise your name.
Maybe the next time you visit your family we will come across each other at the PBP.


  1. Nice ones Andrew. Like the one of the Mallard eating the frog, didn't know they did so ! Is nothing safe these days! There is a flock of G.C.Grebes in the Bay, up to 20 Max this winter but probably less than a dozen left now.Not sure if your picture shows them, or something else. c.15 would be about right for last week.
    Best Wishes, Roger Lane

  2. Thank you. The frog incident was a bit of a surprise. As you see, I have a nice new camera to play with!


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