Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bittern and Woodpigeon

Report Nigel Climpson . (Richard Ford) 9th January 2011

Hi Trevor
I am passing on a list sent to me by Richard Ford.

Par Harbour: 09/01/11
2 Redshank
1 Shelduck
1 Common Egret
5 Bar Tail Godwit
4 Grey Plover (Spit Beach)
20+ Dunlin
10+ Turnstone
3 Curlew + 12 arrivals to roost
7 Oystercatcher + 15+ on Spit Beach
7 Wigeon
1 G. Black Backed
And, lastly, 2 Black Redstart, one male and on female (a first for me)

No Scaups though...

Par Bay:
3 G. Crested Grebe - a pair were courting

On my account (Nigel) the two Scaup left the harbour at 10am
Also I observed the Bittern at PBP attempting to swallow a Woodpigen (whole). No success, no surprise. This behaviour was pointed out to me by Iain Stewart.

Thank Richard for the report Nigel.

That Bittern/Woodpigeon battle must have been something else. I do hope you managed a photograph.


  1. Good one Nigel ! Maybe you should tell someone about the Bittern's odd behaviour e.g. CBWPS, BTO, RSPB,it may be a first ! Also may have been result of prolonged cold i.e. starving ! Or at least a bird forum, see what others think.

  2. Eugh! Bitterns behaving badly seems to be becoming a habit in this County.


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