Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Equipment Used.

"I have been logging on to the St Austell  Baywatch site for some time and greatly enjoy the content and also the fantastic photos - could anyone tell me what cameras are being used for the results are quite brilliant thanks"  

Stuart Hunkin

Hi Stuart..

Myself and Mark Whittaker  use the same combination of camera and lens. Nikon D300 with a Sigma 150-500 mm zoom lens.

Angie also uses the same Sigma lens attached to a Canon 450D

Andrew uses top Canon equipment. Maybe he will let us know what lenses and camera model he uses.

All the others I do not know...if they wish to elaborate all  well and good.


  1. Thank you for that information - on a recent visit to Mull I did manage to get video of the sea eagles but not to the standard that you have on the this site - I shall have to save my pennies to invest in a better camera but in the meantime will continue to watch your site and look forward to more fantastic photos Stuart Hunkin

  2. Hi Stuart.
    You do not say if you are local to the St Austell area.
    The Blog is open to anybody who wishes to report sighting in the Baywatch area. Photographs can also be sent in from a compact to a top of the range setup.

    Thank you for looking in and I do hope you continue to do so.


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