Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Canon Equipment

Equipment used Andrew Carey

In response to the request for information, I use Canon kit, as follows:

Canon 1D mk111 body

Canon 600 F4L
Canon 300 F2.8L
Canon 100-400 F4-F5.6L
Canon 24-70 F2.8L
Canon 16.24 F2.8L
Canon 1.4 and 2x extenders
Sigma 105 F2.8 macro

Canon 580EX Flash

Gitzo 1548 mk2 Tripod
Wimberely Mk1 head

That is a very impressive list Andrew. Any chance of a swap...Nikon plus my Alfa Romeo LOL.


  1. Not a lover of lists of kit personally, I've seen pictures produced with kit that cost very little that are fantastic, I guess I think it is more about the photographer's eye, and how you frame stuff, and if the people looking like your particular slant on the world, but I acknowledge that if you're trying to snap a goldcrest 20 yards away, having a long lens and converter helps!! Cheers, Andy

  2. You can have a re think. I have just put 12 months M.O.T on the Alfa. Grab yourself a bargain for christmas.

  3. That's very kind Trevor, but in all honesty I'm not tempted......glad it's back and ready to go tho'!!! If you spent all the money you spend on that thing on camera gear mind.......? Better be careful here or Angie will think I'm leading you astray!! Happy Christmas.


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