Sunday, 26 December 2010

Bittern and Bar-Headed Geese.

Report and Photographs Andrew Carey. Christmas Day 2010
Hello Trevor, I trust you and Angie had a lovely Christmas Day and that you are well and truly sozzled by now. However, in the interests of those who were on parade this morning (lots of lovely sunshine, too much ice) down at Par Beach Pool, I thought I'd let you know that between 10 and 11.30am there were 4 bar headed geese (this summers brood I suspect, looked like first winter birds to me.) and that the bittern showed really well from just before 11am until about 11.30, when it did a big lap and dropped down into the reed bed far right.

It came to front of the island about 10.50, then disappeared until just before 11.00 when if flopped into the reed bed at the back (north side of the pool) where it stayed relatively still for about 15 minutes, when it eventually travelled to the left, and came out on the ice, giving some cracking views.

I attach 3 bittern pics, and a pic of the 4 bar headed geese. Merry xmas one and all!!
Great shots of the Bittern Andrew.
The Bar-headed Geese photograph must be a pictorial record for PBP at least.
A lovely bunch of stocking fillers.....well done.


  1. Andy - WOW! Great shots of the Bittern AND 4 BH GEESE. Glad you got a pic of them - Wowser! You did have a Merry Christmas ;) Your dedication paid off again! Merry Christmas x

  2. Well, Angie has said it all. Best present you could have ! Patience pays indeed. Now all you have to do is get the two bitterns together -- just when you thought your work was done ! Great to get the 4 x 1st-winter Bar-Headed Geese too. Where have they been since your sighting in autumn, no-one saw them (elsewhere), or did they?


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