Sunday, 21 November 2010

Starling Roost.

"Good to see you and Angie today, it's been a while.

Shame you left so soon tonight, there was the biggest starling roost I have seen at the pool so far, well into four figures in terms of the number of birds, and I attach a pic that I took of just a small portion of the birds"
Photograph and report. Andrew Carey.
Thanks for the report and photograph Andrew.
You have captured it superbly with the moon playing a leading role ...


  1. Great to see you Andy. Love the pic; great shot. Wish I hadn't had to leave now :-) I saw them coming in and heading your way as we passed the entrance to Imerys so I knew it was to be a large roost by the numbers passing over.

  2. Thanks guys, I'm glad I stayed till last knockings, for once I got a result!! Andy


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