Monday, 1 November 2010

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Yesterday was a start ..stop... sort of day. Beginning at PBP in the morning .
Nothing unusual was seen ...just the two Cormorants so we decided to go to Menabilly Barton. Again nothing really interesting happened during our short stay so we decided to come back later with the hope of looking through the flocks that seem to favour the trees around the car park.
Later on our return we decided to have a look at Treskilling Downs before going back to Menabilly. The Downs area was bleak and the rain had made things a little awkward so of we went a wandering down the lanes close by.
Just off one of the minor roads a lot of bird activity was spotted....they turned out to be flocks of Redwings and Fieldfare... also a Great Spotted Woodpecker was seen whilst searching through the trees.
Jays seemed to be everywhere and we had a count of seven for the whole day.

Back to Menabilly Barton things had livened up with various flocks alighting in the tree tops. Most of the flocks were of mixed species consisting of Linnets, Goldfinches, Chaffinches and the odd Blue Tit and a Brambling which was our target species (a life tick for us both ) so we were well pleased with the course of events.
Also seen were Corvids, Red -legged Partridge, Pheasant, a Kestrel (soon chased off by Crows) and a Buzzard on one of the telegraph poles.

Now off to PBP again where we met Andrew and Roger
The evening finished with the Starlings roost (C 300) around 1500 hrs and a sight of a lone Grey Heron fishing for his supper on the Pool.

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