Sunday, 31 October 2010

G.N.Diver at Par

Report. R.Lane. 31st October 2010.

"Good to see you and Angie , and Andrew this evening. Glad you had a good (long) day ! I went to Porthpean this morning, but the sea-state was still too rough to see any Divers. Yet the wind had dropped sufficiently for there to be NO pelagic birds either, (such as yesterday's Kittewakes and Gannets), so all I saw were 4 of yesterday's 5 Comm.Scoter, close inshore !
However, I went to Par in the afternoon, and from the western car-park initially saw only seven Cormorants, but the '8th Cormorant)' turned out to be my first G.N.DIVER of the year. After a quarter of an hour on the surface it disappeared, either swimming straight offshore to roost, or submerging to fish. It was still in summer plumage with an all black head but white markings on the neck at the water-line. It was very slow and very stocky (after a winter of cormorants!). It was first seen in the centre of Par Bay.(31stOct'10"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well done on spotting the G.N.Diver.
Was this an early sighting for the time of year.. or around average for the Bay?
It was nice to see you and Andrew again both looking fit and hearty.


  1. Definitely 'around average'. I have often made the effort on 31stOct. in previous years, specifically to get one prior to November, and been succesful ! Chances are they've been in Gerrans Bay for up to a fortnight ! Roger


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