Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Grey Wagtail at Manoa Valley

Report. T.R.Moore. 22nd September 2010

Arrived at PBP at 0900hrs with hopes of seeing the Bar-headed Geese that were reported on the Pool yesterday.
There was c100 x Mallards around the margins ..a huge number and all close together. It soon became obvious that the B-H Geese were absent as only 12x Canada Geese were on the Pool and it did not take long to verify they were all alike.
A lone Cormorant was drying out or aiding digestion depending which school of thought you adhere to. My belief is it is the latter as it got spooked by a walker and was soon back in the water. Also, I have seen them doing this during a rainstorm.

The Bay was devoid of visible waders with the exception of 3x Oystercatchers.
A lone Grey Heron fished well upstream on the River and also 2x Jays were spotted moving through the trees.

An lunchtime visit (1200 hrs ) to the Manoa Valley was also pretty much uneventful. I had gone to see if I could locate the Dipper which was a regular during the early months of the year. Alas! no sign of it. But, I did manage to find a Grey Wagtail perched on one of the numerous posts that jut out from the riverside banks. The resulting photographs are not bad and will probably get an airing during this quiet spell I am enduring.
Small birds moved through the trees but I could only recognise the Long-tailed Tit....others I think were either Warblers or Goldcrests.

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