Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Report. R.Lane.22nd September 2010

'Another negative report I fear ! I hear from Andrew that you were at Par 'from the crack of dawn'. Don't worry you didn't miss anything, the same flock of c.60 x Canada Geese (and no others) were still coming and going from 2pm until 5pm!
When I arrived (in pouring rain) although there were no geese of note, I found what I THOUGHT was a rare grebe (B.N.Grebe or Slavonian?). I wished you or Andrew would come along with a large 'scope or camera, and blow me if Andrew did'nt turn up ! Fresh from W.Penwith, Hayle Estuary and Botallack, if you please !
Anyway got him to photograph the Grebe, and the scruffy thing turned out to be just a juvenile Dabchick (with white stripes down head and neck ), although he took many shots of it to be sure. That's the second time his camera has come to my rescue when I got something wrong -- how embarrassing ! Other than that, I saw nothing at Par (even on the Beach), and Andrew saw nothing 'down west', surprisingly!'

Thanks for the report Roger.

I am glad I did not miss the action.

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