Monday, 26 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. 26th April 2010

"Tried Manoa Valley and Pentewan Valley this morning, but NOTHING, not even a hirundine. Back home with some shopping and a quick lunch before spending a couple of hours at Par, which wasn't much better ! Firstly the western car-park, apparently nothing but 5+, Sandwich Terns. Of course tide is right in during afternoons, otherwise we should be getting some waders by now, surely? As it was, the only waders were 9 x Whimbrel (flyover).
Sun came out (briefly) around 4.30pm so had a wander around the wilderness and actually saw a male Orange-Tip butterfly. One of what was, until recently, a strong colony here. But we already have this species, from Pontsmill. Birds were few and far between, but I did see a single Jay and, in the dunes a male Linnet in breeding plumage, presumably nesting as usual in the gorse bushes.
Back at PBPool I could hear Sedge and Reed Warblers, and the Cetti's Warbler, back in the usual place, gave me a quick blast of song form 4ft away, but never saw a thing ! Mark was indeed very fortunate !
Then parked back at the west of the Pond to eat some 'afternoonsies', nothing except 6+ Swallows, so was watching the rabbits(!), when out of nowhere appeared a very tired Tern which rested on the grass of the pool-side, just some 12ft from the car ! There it stayed until I left half-hour later ! This gave me plenty of time to confirm it was a COMMON TERN, my 1st for the year ! Would have made an excellent photograph, have never been so close for so long. Perhaps someone saw it this evening."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I gave it all a miss today but like you I also saw an Orange Tip Butterfly... in the back just flew across but there was no mistaking the orange tips.

Well done with the Common Tern...another for the latest sightings.

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