Thursday, 22 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. 22nd April 2010

"No birds at all today, did go to Pontsmill despite the cold wind, and was 'rewarded' with a goodly selection of eight butterfly species, though nothing new ! This desite a strong, cold, easterly wind, which nearly blew me off my wall. In fact, for the first time in some 25yrs there my field note-book DID fall off the wall, down 15feet into a bramble and nettle patch, which I had no hope of accessing. Fortunately a young lady more agile than me, went to considerable lengths to retrieve it for me. THANKYOU LIZ for the first time!
Only 15mins later I dropped it again out of a supposedly zipped up pocket ! THANKYOU LIZ for a second time ! Hope you saw a Holly Blue for your trouble !
Now, my day-list (2hrs) at Pontsmill amounted to the following: 3 x Brimstones; 1 x LG.White; 5 x Sm. Whites; 2 x G.V.Whites; 8 x Orange-Tips; 2 x Holly Blues (on way back to car park!); 3 x Peacocks; 3 x Commas and 4 x Sp.Woods. This included a stop at a small field on the way out, away from the woodland.
30+, on a chill day like today can't be bad ! Thanks again Liz for saving all my records back to January !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

You are using an advanced form of back-up Roger. The lady most certainly deserved the thanks and I hope she reads all about it.
What a wonderful collection I reckon you went home well pleased. is getting worse. At 1400hrs I was watching the reed beds for signs of the Warblers which a kind gentleman told me were singing....not a sighting.
The Grey Heron was fishing the margins again and I also saw some small Moorhen chicks in the reed beds along with five Mallard ducklings.
Nothing else of interest only a Kestrel hovering over the Dunes.

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