Monday, 12 April 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (12th April 2010)

"Glad to hear the car is back in order, only sorry that you had a poor day's outing. It was due to the SE wind-chill, in part. Stops many birds from singing, and the butterflies from flying ! I've had a v.poor day too, nothing to report for today, visited Trenarren without seeing a single butterfly there (saw a dozen elsewhere, but nothing new). You were a little early for butterflies at Pontsmill, noon to 1pm you should get a Brimstone or two (on the Carmears Incline), and other species, noteably Comma, in early afternoon. The day has to warm up to their flight temp. NE/SE wind-chill put paid to that today !
Yesterday I got fed up with the patch and drove to Breney Common and Helman Tor, then Respryn (packed) and Par (packed!). Only thing of note was meeting Mark ! Except I did find the 1st ? 2 x Rd.Admiral immigrants, atop Helman Tor, engaged in the strange ritual for newly arrived immigrants, called Hill-Topping "

Thanks for the report Roger.
That probably explains why I had such a dismal day. The butterfly information has been stored and will be acted upon on my next visit. Probably wait for another warm day before going again to Pontsmill.

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