Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Par and St Andrews Pool.

Decided to do today a couple of sites I missed yesterday...namely Par and St Andrews Pool. First off St Andrews at 1030hrs.
The pool was quieter than normal and only held the residents
Off to leave some food at the Hard Rock Cafe. After placing the food I took a short walk into the swamp area and saw nothing. Back to the cafe where I was hoping for a few photographs of the woodland birds. It must have been ten minutes or more before a Blue Tit became the first arrival and the last for another ten minutes or so.
Altogether I saw a male and female Blackbird, Robin, Great Tit and Blue Tit on the feeder. Where have they all gone?
Luckily I spotted a Wren and followed it around the Swamp Area for a while ending up with it posing for a good photograph or two. Also managed to photograph another one in the same area.
Saved by a Wren and Robin.

PBP was much the same and as hard as I tried I could not spot anything out of the ordinary.
The Bay was even a worse disaster with nothing but the usual Herrings Gulls and the odd GBB Gull.
Off to the Wilderness where my luck changed. Just past the Boardwalk was a lovely Peacock Butterfly and it remained still enough for me to get photographs of which I am really pleased with. My first Butterfly of the year.
Within five minutes I had added a Painted Lady(sorry it was a Small Tortoiseshell) and Speckled Wood.

The Jay again gave me the run around this evening but I nearly got him....all the small stuff was missing as was the case at the other two venues.

Incidentally...this month during Hesper's morning walk I have seen a Redwing on the 2nd, 6th and 10th ..hopefully again tomorrow if the sequence continues.

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