Sunday, 11 April 2010

Report from Mark Whittaker (11th April 2010)

"Paid a quick visit to the pool this evening and had a chat with Roger who has been chasing butterflys today. Very little in the way of "new" things. 3 singing Chiffchaff were noted with a singing Willow Warbler. Plus 6+ Goldfinch chasing each other round the reeds. There are now just 6 ducklings left from the original 12? I did see as I left the heron again stalking round the reeds were the ducklings are. I'm hoping he hasn't got a jar of orange sauce tucked under his wing."

Thanks for the report Mark.
It seems as the ducklings are taking a hammering. Not a lot happening at the moment then.
Although I got the car returned today I have not yet tested it...hopefully I shall be out and about on a limited scale tomorrow. Still on dog watch for another two weeks.

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