Monday, 12 April 2010

I Saw Little and Heard Nothing.

Things are still not right with the car but I decided to venture forth. I decided to go and see my first butterfly of the year at Pontsmill as Roger had whetted the appetite somewhat. Also I had noticed seasoned logs for sale and I wanted a couple of nets to build up my woodpile in the garden.
A quick look for the Dipper and the Nuthatches in the tree yielded nothing. The feeders were also very quiet and only a few of the common woodland birds were seen.
I walked up to the old workings and climbed to the top....nothing...back down I noticed high above a Buzzard being mobbed by three Corvids...well that was something.
On the return to the car park I saw a Wren in the undergrowth..a couple of Chaffinchs and what may have been a Jay...but probably was not. So I can say with quasi certitude my little butterfly trip which started at 1100hrs yielded zero. The only plus factor was the logs which the nice lady gave me ...thanks for that.

Later in the afternoon 1400hrs I had a quick walk down the Manoa Valley....again the birds were well hidden or not there at all. The Hirundines were absent also the Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers we saw on the last visit. What did I see?...not much. A Goldcrest, a hundred plus Herring Gulls, Jackdaws , Rooks all following the plough. A brief glimpse of the Dipper as he shot past upstream. Also upstream someway away was a Heron fishing the river and it was spooked by a dog and walker on the opposite bank. On the return...just a Chaffinch or two and a Robin. No butterflies again.

It is a hard game with no ears.

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