Friday, 2 April 2010

Just a Jay

Started the morning dropping Angie off at an old peoples home to visit a friend. Stayed in the grounds and did some birdwatching as I had noticed a Jay and Buzzard along with the usual woodland birds. Angie heard or has seen previosly a Nuthatch and Green Woodpecker and I have spotted a couple of Deer.
The Jay appeared a total of five times within an hour but all bar one it was too far away. When I did manage to photograph it he was clearly seen but with an array of twigs and branches in front of him..although it is not a bad record shot I am after a close up.
The afternoon I had a very brief visit to Par and St Andrews. Nothing out of the ordinary was seen. A handful of Hirundines flew high overhead and the tame B.T. Godwit was still strutting its stuff at the poolside. It was cold and wet at the Bay and all I saw was the Oystercatches far out on the low tide shore. St Andrews Pool held only local residents and the Hard Rock Cafe was very quiet also with just L.T.Tits, Robin and Blue and Coal Tits seen during our (my niece and myself)short visit.

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