Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (31st March 2010)

"Wed.31stMar.2010: Wonderful Spring we're having ! Would you believe it, visiting the same two sites again (Pontsmill and Par), I saw almost exactly the same birds (read 30thMar'10) ! That is with the following exceptions each at Par. At PBPool there were 2 x L.Egrets (instead of one); the friendly neighbourhood Black T.Godwit was back at the pondside, and 20+ Gannets per hour were passing the Gribben or diving in Par Bay, due to the gale force westerlies. Quite spectacular, but that's it !
PS: in response to a recent comment of Mark's, completely forgot about Carp in PBP. Yes I've seen them there too (way back). Presumably too big for a Cormorant ? Most ponds around the St.Austell area seem to have been 'seeded' with carp, by fishermen a few decades ago ? Can't be much fun growing up with the Cormorant about !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
A whole host of things prevented me from venturing out today....hope this soon stops.
The carp I should imagine have grown to quite a large size by now.....I will see if I can see them rolling on the surface during the hot summer weather....providing we have any.

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