Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (9th March 2010)

"Havn't been out much due to perishing cold winds and we are betwixt and between seasons. Most winter visitors gone (few Redwings about today 9thMar'2010), and virtually no spring migrants in yet, although those of you 'tuned in' to Birdguides (etc) will know that Sand Martin, Swallow and Wheatear were recorded in the 1st week of March, and there were signs of other movement (at Par several LBBGulls at least!). But basically it is too cold with adverse winds as yet. The GCGrebe flock in the Bay will dwindle any day now.
Not that I've seen anything exciting, did have a good sighting of a Dipper at Pontsmill this morning, Trevor ! Also a Nuthatch., plus a few Redwings, soon to leave us, some in Spring plumage already. Nothing this afternoon, except a few. more Redwings. Actually Chiff-Chaffs should be here by now, but how to tell them from the overwintering ones ? Trouble making it across the Channel, but since a fresh Painted Lady butterfly has apparently made it to Hampshire, so can Chiff-Chaffs! Whatever, a bit of a wait for awhile, try some gull flocks for Med Gulls (or other white-winged gulls). Meanwhile the 'next' spring migrants could be Sandwich Terns, and quite soon now, despite the easterlies !"

Thanks for the Report Roger.
I agree it has been rather quiet...but as the blog is still not a year old I do not really know what to expect. Your and other reports are invaluable in this respect.

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