Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (10th March 2010)

"Not much to report today, found 2 or 3 butterflies thanks to the fading of the east wind (a little!). While up at Pontsmill, I again saw a small flock of 10+, Redwings, moving unobtrusively through ivy clad trees, back to feeding up on berries since earth is so dry and cold.But they often stay until mid-March in cold winters such as this (especially in the Treesmill Valley). No dippers to dip on today !
The only other activity, apparently, was around Par Beach and not much of that ! In the Bay were 5+ GCGrebes still, little else. At half-tide on the Par River rocks were the usual O.Catchers; 12+, Turnstone and a small flock of 8+ Dunlin (with a possible Ringed Plover or two. These were presumably from the wintering flock in the inner Par Harbour which may stay until mid-March this year (in warm winters they may leave by end of 1st week March).
However, it is time to look for new flocks of small waders, normally on the open beach, composed of Dunlin, R.Plover and Sanderling (plus a few oddments), arriving from mid-March, hopefully.But the bulk of wader Spring migrants come through in April and May months, along with land-birds and terns.
That's about it really, except I forgot: 1, Snipe and 1, L.Egret at Par Beach Pool !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I guess you went around 1400hrs today. I had an early start 0930hrs at St Andrews and was at Par around 1015hrs The G.C.Grebes were in the usual place and I counted five...but I did not see any waders at all with the exception of a lone Redshank on the Par River. The Little Egret I saw on the far reed beds and a Song Thrush on the grass opposite the entrance hut. Nothing else was seen.
St Andrews Pool was virtually empty this morning.. two Herring Gulls and five Mallards was all that was on the water. The Canada Geese were there but on the far shore. There was no sign of any Mute Swans.
The Wilderness area yielded up the usual woodland birds plus a few Wrens in the swamp area and a Mistle Thrush in the trees some way out of photographic range.
I am still looking for a Jay and G.S Woodpecker.

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